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with regard to Allah's verse in the Qur'an: He has guardian angels, to his front and his rear, who guard him by Allah's command command,', said, 'By the command of Allah he is protected from falling in to a well or from a wall falling onto him, or from being struck with something, until the decree of Allah comes. They [i.e. the angels] leave him alone it and pass him onto his decrees. They are two angels that protect him in the night, and two angels following them that protect him in the day.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
Bihar al-Anwar, v. 59, p. 179, no. 16

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O Allah throw open the doors of Thy generosity for me in this month, and make available to me multiplying blessings, keep me attached with that which obtains Thy pleasure, allot a central place for me right in the middle of the Paradise, O He who hears the cries of the distressed needy.

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