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'At the end of Sha'ban, when there were only three days left till the month of Rama an, The Prophet (SAWA) told Bilal, 'Call all the people', so the people gathered together. The Prophet (SAWA) mounted the pulpit, praised Allah and glorified Him, then continued, ?O people, this month that is coming upon you is the chief of all months. One particular night in it is better than a thousand months. During this month, the gates of Hell are locked up, and the gates of Paradise are opened. So whoever, in spite of experiencing this month is not forgiven, has indeed been distanced by Allah.'

Imam Muhammad ibn Ali al-Baqir [as]
Ibid. p. 113, no. 92

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O Allah guide me to do good deeds, in this month; take a favourable decision in the matter of my needs and desires, O He who is such that there is no need to draw His attention by making a request or by giving information, (because) He is aware of that which every human being longs for secretly in his or her heart; send blessing on Muhammad and on his pure and purified children.

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