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Iblis [Satan] said, 'There are five types of people against whom I have no stratagem, whilst I have the rest of people firmly in my grasp: he who clings fast to Allah with a true intention and relies solely on Him in all his affairs, he who is in constant and abundant glorification of Allah day and night, he who pleases for his brother in faith whatever he pleases for himself, he who does not feel anxious about an affliction when it befalls him, and he who is satisfied with whatever Allah has allotted to him and does not worry about his sustenance.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Khisal, p. 285, no. 37

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Deeds recommended for the 23rd Night E-mail

All recommended deeds stated above are also recommended for this night and for all the nights referred to above one of which, according to the above-quoted traditions, Lailatul-Qadr may as well be. On all these nights, it is recommended that you perform the ghusl twice: once at the beginning of the night, and once at its end as Imam al- Sadiq, peace be upon him, is quoted saying. It is also recommended that you read the Chapter of the Holy Qur'an dealing with the Romans and the one with the Spider. Imam al-Sadiq, peace be upon him, has told Abu Baseer that whoever recites both chapters of al- 'Ankaboot (Spider) and al-Room (Romans) on the twenty-third night of the month of Ramadan will certainly be among the residents of Paradise without any exception, adding, "... and I do not fear that Allah will record a sin against me for giving such a status for these two Chapters." It is also recommended to recite the Dukhan (Smoke) Chapter too.

Imam Ali, peace be upon him, has said, "Every thing has a fruit, and the fruit of the Holy Qur'an is the Qadr Chapter. Everything has a treasure, and the treasure that removes poverty is the Qadr Chapter. For everything there is a means whereby it can be attained, and the means of the weak is the Qadr Chapter. For every hardship there is ease, and the ease of those suffering from hardship is the Qadr Chapter. There is a shield against everything evil, and the shield of the believers is the Qadr Chapter. For everything there is guidance, and the guidance of the righteous is the Qadr Chapter. There is excellence for everything, and the excellence of knowledge is the Qadr Chapter. There is a decoration for everything, and the decoration of the Holy Qur'an is the Qadr Chapter. There is a canopy for everything, and the canopy of the devotees is the Qadr Chapter. There is a glad tiding for everything, and the glad tiding of the innocent is the Qadr Chapter. There is a Proof (Hujja) for everything, and the Hujja after the Prophet (pbuh) is the Qadr Chapter; therefore, believe in it." He (as) was asked how to believe in it, and he answered, "That it shall occur in each and every year, and that everything revealed in it is true."

He (as) is also quoted saying, "For anyone who recites the Qadr Chapter, God Almighty writes down a good deed for every particle of dust where he sits while reciting it." He (as) is also quoted saying, "It is a good companion for anyone who wishes to pay off his debt, esteem his creed, prolong his life-span, and improve his condition. Anyone who recites it quite often will meet Allah as a siddeeq and as a martyr."

The book Misbah al-Mutahajjid quotes Muhammad ibn 'Isa, relying on the authority of the righteous, peace be upon them, says, 'You should repeat the following invocation on the twenty-third night of the blessed month of Ramadan either prostrating, standing up, or sitting down, or in any other way, and during the entire month and however you can, and whenever you are faced with hard times. Having glorified Allah and sent blessings unto the Prophet and his progeny, peace be upon all of them, you should say, 'Lord! Be for Your wali Muhammad ibn al-Hassan at this hour and at every hour of the night and the day a Protector, Guardian, Leader, Supporter, Guide and Reconnoiterer, till You let him reside in Your earth willingly and grant him enjoyment therein for a long period of time. O You Who manages all affairs, Who brings life back to the residents of the graves, Who permits the oceans to flow and the iron to be pliant for David, peace be upon him, I pray You to send blessings unto Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad,' then you mention your wish, raising your hands. You may repeat it while you are prostrating, kneeling, standing or sitting, and repeat it on the last night of the nights of the month of Ramadan."

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