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'He who seeks knowledge for Allah, no sooner does he learn even a chapter of it than it increases him in humility within himself, in humbleness in front of people, it increases his fear of Allah and his striving in religion, and that is the one who benefits from the knowledge, so he should acquire. And he who seeks knowledge for this world and for status amongst people and for a favoured position with the ruler, no sooner does he learn even a chapter of it than it only increases his arrogance within himself, his presumptuousness with people, his self-delusion about Allah and his estrangement from religion. That is the one who does not benefit from his knowledge, and must subsequently refrain from it and stop furnishing proof for the case against himself in order not to feel regret and shame on the Day of Resurrection.'

Prophet Muhammad al-Mustafa [sawa]
Rawdat al-Wa'izin, p. 16

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Islamic Occasions » Hajj - The Pilgrimage » Documentary / Movie - Inside Mecca
Documentary / Movie - Inside Mecca E-mail

National Geographic explores the hajj through the experiences of three pilgrims from very different backgrounds.

One of religion's most spiritual locations, the city of Mecca has been the epicenter for Islam since the beginning of time. This insightful documentary explains the history behind the legendary pilgrimage to the holy city, showcasing a group of individuals whose lives are forever changed by the indescribably powerful experience.

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