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'The greatest of the rights that the Glorified [Allah] has made obligatory on man is the right of the ruler over the ruled and the right of the ruled over the ruler. .. so if the ruled fulfil the rights of the ruler and the ruler fulfils their rights, then the truth attains the position of honour among them, the ways of religion become established, the marks of justice affirmed, the traditions and practices gets implemented correctly, current times improve, the continuance of the state is desired and the ambitions of the enemies are thwarted.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Nahj al-Baldgha, Sermon 216

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Islamic Occasions » Hajj - The Pilgrimage » 25 Things Forbidden in Ihraam
25 Things Forbidden in Ihraam E-mail

1. Hunting
2. Sexual Intercourse
3. Kissing a woman
4. Touching one’s spouse with lust
5. Looking at a woman and flirting with her
6. Masturbating
7. Extracting a tooth
8. Using scent or perfume
9. Wearing stitched clothing (for men only)
10. Applying collyrium (surma) or henna
11. Looking at oneself in a mirror
12. Carrying arms
13. Lying, boasting and abusing
14. Quarrelling and swearing
15. Killing insects found on the body (such as lice)
16. Beautifying oneself
17. Removing hair from the body
18. Covering the head (for men)
19. Covering the face (for women)
20. Closing of nostrils to avoid undesirable smells or odours
21. Taking out blood from the body
22. Cutting the nails
23. Reciting Nikkah (marriage contract), to be a witness and to justify it
24. Wearing shoes, slippers or socks (that cover the top part of the feet - for men only)
25. Being under shade (for men) including the wearing of a cap, use of umbrella or travelling in a vehicle

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