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in his counsel to his son al-Hasan (AS) said, 'Your request you make [from Allah] must be such that its beauty and goodness will remain for you and which its evil consequences will not touch you. Wealth will neither remain for you, and nor will you remain for it.'

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Sahih ibn Habban, v. 3, p. 177, no. 896

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Islamic Occasions » Hajj - The Pilgrimage » Audio Lecture - Sheikh Mansour Leghaei
Audio Lecture - Sheikh Mansour Leghaei E-mail

Mansour Leghaei is the founder and a director of the Imam Husain Islamic Centre and the School of Islamic Theology in Earlwood, Australia, serving as the imam from 1997-2010. He previously served in Nigeria, where in 1992 he opened an Education Centre called Ahul Bayt.
Leghaei is seen as a prominent member within the interfaith communities and is currently the chairman of the Marrickville Interfaith Round Table. Leghaei has attended a number of seminars to provide an Islamic perspective, including the Ecumenical Service on the Dead Sea Scrolls held at the Sydney Art Gallery, "Religious Therapy" on the occasion of World Cancer Day at the University of Sydney and "Spirituality of Great Traditions" at St. James' Church


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