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Allah has prohibited renegation after migration [to belief] because of [the danger] of denouncing one's religion and leaving the support of the prophets and the divine proofs (AS), and the corruption that would ensue, the nullification of the rights of all those who hold rights [in religion], especially for Bedouins. This is why, if a man were to have acknowledged religion completely, it is not allowed for him to go and live with people who are ignorant [or in disbelief of it, and as a result of fear for him, for he can never be safe from falling from his position of knowledge and re-entering into ignorance and remaining therein.'

Imam Ali ibn Musa al-Ridha [as]
Wasd'il dl-Shi'd, v. 11, p. 75, no. 2

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Sheikh Bahmanpour known for his slow mellow but very insightful knowledge is a wonderful resource to have

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