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from one of the companions of Imam al-Sadiq (AS), 'Imam al-Sadiq said, 'A believer must never humiliate himself.' When asked how he would humiliate himself, he replied, 'By embarking upon something which he later has to make excuses for.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Mishkdt dl-Anwdr, p. 103, no. 235

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Obligation of Hajj E-mail

Any man or woman, who fulfills the following qualifications, has a religious obligation (Hajjatul Islam or Wajib Hajj) to perform Hajj once in a lifetime.

1. Must have attained puberty (Baligh/Bulugh), girls 9 years of age and boys 15 years of age.
2. Must be A'Aaqil, means being sane and of sound mind.
3. Must be free from bondage.
4. Must be healthy.
5. Must have enough time to travel to Makkah and perform Hajj within the required days.
6. Must have enough funds (Istita'ah) for traveling and for all Hajj expenses, as well as enough money to leave behind or be able to make a living on his return to maintain himself and his dependants during Hajj and after it.

If he has dependents, he must be able to maintain himself and his family. Upon his return, he must have enough means to maintain himself and his family. The journey to Hajj and returning from it must not involve any danger to the security of his life, wealth and family. One intending to go to Hajj must be healthy. If he is infirm or old or has any other justifiable excuse Hajj would not be Wajib, though if other conditions were fulfilled, however, he must send someone as his Naib (agent representative). Ample time must be there for one to prepare to go to Hajj, and to perform all the obligatory acts. If other conditions of Hajj are met, while time is limited or extraordinary effort is involved, one has to keep the money unused until the following year for the purpose.

Performance of Hajj is WAJIB-E-FAURI. When above conditions are fulfilled, Hajj becomes Wajib immediately. To postpone it without any reasonable excuse is among the major sins. Hajj must be performed in the same year of Istita'ah, and it continues to remain obligatory in the ensuing years as long as it has not been performed.

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