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to a man who asked, 'Do you consider all these creatures as people?' said, 'Exclude from among them those who do not brush their teeth, sitting cross-legged in a narrow place, one who interferes in matters that do not concern him, debates about that which he has no knowledge, one who acts sick without an illness, one who falls apart without a calamity, one who opposes his friends in matters of truth that they have agreed upon, a proud person who is proud of his forefathers but he is devoid of their good deeds, so he is like a heath peeling off its bark bit by bit until it reaches its core, and he is like Allah's verse: They are like cattle; rather they are more astray.?

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Khisal, p. 409, no. 9

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Holy Kaaba on the 13th of Rajab
Every 13 of Rajab (the day Imam Ali was born) the crack in the Ka'ba renews its existence a smell comes out from it that does not exist on any other part of the Ka'abas walls.

Look at the crack in the Holy Ka'aba that opens every year which points out where Fatima bint Asad came out from the Rukn Al Yamani after she remained 3 days inside of the Ka'aba. The evidence of the crack is even more clear from the inside (as Dr Tarek Al Kateb, who was part of the group that entered the Ka'aba to conceal the crack had said)

"We realize that:

1) The crack opens every year (The night the Imam was born) even though they try concealing it.
2) The crack still opens even after the Ka'aba was demolished by Bani Ummaya (la).
3) There is a scent that comes out of the crack that does not exist in any other part of the Ka'aba.
4) In our narrations it is mentioned that the Prophet (saww) touches the Rukn al Yamani.
5) The testimony of Tarek Al Kateb and others from the different schools of thought is clear about the crack and one can listen to his testimony on the following link: click here
Look at the outline of the shoulders and head and the rest of the body as proof for what Dr. Tarek Al Kateb has mentioned (that there is very clear proof that Fatima bint Asad exited the Ka'aba from there).

Now look at the crack after it is concealed:

Look how they are trying to close and cover it:

Here they are using screws as seen:

This miracle will never go as the Holy Ka'aba shows it to everyone:

Why don't you go there at the 13th of Rajab and see it yourself?

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