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824 Sexual Ethics & Morals Salam.
Is it permissable if a woman in edda muta, join website for marriage, looking for friendship or relationship.

709 Salaat / Prayers My son while reciting namaz he says that when he is about to pass gas (Passing wind from the rear) he stops till he finishes his namaz is it possible because my sir had said that it cannot be stoped and it will pass out eventually can scientifically it can be stoped and the namaz is not broken ?
808 Business / Investment Assalam o Alaikum,

Why momeneen call their place of worship Imam Bargha, not a Masjid.

Why this important to ask membership dues when the Imam Bargha could run by khums and zakat. When I was sunni, I was never asked for membership. This is not a place anybody can come joine the majalis.
807 Sexual Ethics & Morals Salam
A wife believing herself to be clean thought that her period was finished and allowed her husband to penetrate her. However, upon this, they discovered there was still bleeding, and they stopped. Must penalty be paid for this sort of situation, and if there is, what is the penalty? JAJ
806 Sexual Ethics & Morals Salam
A husband gives permission for the wife to perform masturbation on herself during intimacy. Is this permissible?
798 Divorce / Talaq Dear brother,

As you know the woman can not be marry again till 3 months pass from her divorce , there is a case which the lady went to court for divorce at 9th of October and he received the letter from court which indicate that your divorced finalized at 9th september so now can you please kindly let me that , the 3 month waiting time will start from the time she had a hearing at 9th of October or from the time that is in the court letter which is 9th of September?

Thanks for your kind attention in advance.

797 Miscellaneous Salamalaikum. If a sister kisses her brother on the cheek out of love, is it haram?
792 Miscellaneous Dear Sir
I have near perfect knowledge about hidden & buried treasure in my ancestral house situated within 3 acres.The real
area of the of the household is within 1 acre. The question is where to dig for it or know the exact wherabouts?
Please be kind enough to let me know how to find it by the help of Quranic verses or Islamic means.
yours sincerely
Zia Parwez
781 Interfaith Dialogue Assalaamu alaikum Brother Ammar!

Would you please explain me in detail the verse of QURAN 4: 159 where it states " There is not one of the people of the Book who will not believe in him(jesus) before he dies; and on the Day of Rising he will be a witness against them".
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