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Question : #99 Category: Muharram Related
Subject: Revenge on Imam Hussain
Question: Given the rules in place about taking revenge for the murder of your family member, was Mukhtar acts of taking revenge for the martyrdom of Imam Hussain halal or allowed under Islamic law?
Answer: Salaam alaykum,

As to bringing the murderers and enemies of Imam Hussein (a), his family members, and his companions to justice and executing the death penalty on them it does not seem like there is any problem. As to the methodology, Allah knows best.
Follow Up

In one of the hadiths Prophet of Allah Muhammad Rasulullah alayhissalaam mentions Salman al Farisi (Allah be pleased with him)is infact Salman al Muhammadi and Prophet AS calls him member of Ahlulbayt. By the same standard and methodology, anyone who loves Prophet and his family are his family. Each one has the right and responsibility to defend the honor and respect of the family of Prophet and standing up against oppressors for the family of Prophet and against misinterpretation of Word of Allah. Mukhthar' s action and methodology are perfectly with in the Allah's Book of law.

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