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Question : #945 Category: Holy Prophets
Subject: Kaaba and the evidence
Question: Asalamalaykum,

I have a friend who is Christian. My friend and I usually talk about our religions as we both know a lot yet not a lot. More so of what we have heard from family and light verses here and there. So recently she got upset and said that Islam makes no sense because she feels it is like Hindus who worship temples...we Muslims worship the Kaaba. I explained a lot to her that Abraham (pbuh) built it with his son. She says it was Arab pagans and Muhammad is falsehood and is misguiding soo many people as the bible states. She really likes to make judgements or arguements based on fact. She said she does not believe that Abraham(pbuh) built the Kaaba because there is no evidence besides the Quran and that a lot of things if it was word of God were mentioned in books of what is to come etc. So she says it makes no sense why God chose Jeruselum a Holy Place for the prophets and Muhammad (pbuh) chose Mecca Nd that the bible nor any other book doesn't talk about the Kaaba and only Jerusalem. She says it is obvious that it is not stable to what it states and states the Black stone is a meteorite. What can I show my friend as evidence to open her eyes to the truth. I pray to Allah (SWT)to guide her to the straight path. She was born in a different religion and in childhood her whole family converted to Christianity and she has strong faith in in Christianity. But lately it seems as if she is searching for answers in Islam and is willing to hear me and argue with me at the same time...because usually she will ignore reading what I send to her and lately she hasn't been doing that instead reads and questions in anger and wants answers...and I want to help her but I don't have answers in detail of proof as I am not as knowledgeable in Islam.

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

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