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Subject: Zakat is waived if I payed Khu
Question: I announced myself as Momina of Asna e Ashari in 2011. In Moharram I paid 20% Khums of my savings. ( I do not have gold or silver) I paid my zakat dues in every Remadan all my life from my savings for old age. I discussed this topic with a Momin brother, he said that he gives zakat as well as Khums as Quran teaches about Salat and Zakat. He mentioned that in old age zakat was on 8 item and we exchantd the items for the business. Now is the age of dollars and we should pay zakat on our savings. I am not comfortable since then. I am in Taqleed of Agha Khamani RA. I do not know what is his Fatwa about this topic. Further more, I am single and retired. There is no saving any more.Would you pleae guide me.
Answer: salaum aleakum wa rahmatulla.
Dear Sister ;
as you mentioned zakat is JUST for 9 item.
and according to the fatwa of Sayed Al emam Al Khomaini RA is the same thins.
in this case if you do not own any of those 9 items of zakat you do not have to pay zakat.
dollar doesn't have Zakat.
According to fatwa of Grand Ayatullah Sayed Ali Sistani its recommended to pay zakat from your Mal al tijara.

(it is good that you asked this question)
Fasaloo ahl al zikr in kuntum la taalamoon.
Follow Up
The money is totally my own income,(no one shared that savings) The money I have in the bank is from tijara. I used to do private work other than regular work income. I put the income from private bussiness for my old age for Zayaarat and funeral. This money was from(I think) from tijara. What is your answer in this case.

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