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Question : #771 Category: Youth Issues
Subject: Devoutly Religious !!!!!

I came to your site for the first time and came across your Nasheed section and thought I would take a listen.
Little did I know that I would have music and filthy lyrics filling my ears.
You describe outlandish as 'devout and religious' and then proceed to have an entire list of tracks from them on your site ready for download. What exactly are you trying to do? Like Islam is not seen as the bad guy already, you go and further grossly misrepresent it by advocating such filth?? I am completely disgusted. Even if the lyrics were peaceful and clean, it would still be wrong because Deen ul Islaam forbids the use of instruments! Muhammad peace be upon him said, "I have been sent to destroy musical instruments". Please, I beg you to Fear ALLAAH and take down this garbage. I would not be fulfilling my role as a a fellow ummati if I saw This wrong and did nothing to stop it. hate the crime and not the perpetrator, this is nothing personal between you and I, rather this is an attack on satan and his filthy ways. Don't let him beguile you.

And, even if this group is trying to do good through their music, who says that two wrongs make a right? The end and the means should be noble. And two wrongs don't make a right.

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

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