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Question : #728 Category: Salaat / Prayers
Subject: 7 takbeers
Question: assalam-o-alaikum
i am trying to offer my prayers with 7 takbeers & am also trying to read 2 duas before takbeers .the duas are dua tawajjuh ( wajahto wajihal lazzi...) & ya muhsino qad atakal mussiyo......wanted to know whats the recommended way to read these duas :
1) should i read these 2 duas & then perform 7 takbeers
2) should i do 3 takbeers then read ya muhsino qad atakal mussiyo ,then 3 more takbeers & then dua tawajjuh ,then final takbeer
3) or, 6 takbeers first ,then these 2 duas ,than final takbeer
Answer: Sallam aleakum wa rahmatullah.
as you mentioned the first way is the recommended way to start our prayers.
but we also have a Riwaya on the third as well.
alakulle hal,its is very good for us to pay attention to what recommended for our prayers but if it making a way to be away from the main thing wich is the hozoor al qalb and meaning of our prayer,it can be harmful.

eltemase dua.
ya Ali.

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