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Subject: marrage
Question: salam.

i have a question regarding marriage.

thing is that is there such thing as being half halal and full halal?

half halal from my knowledge is reciting the aqd of nikkah and signing a paper makes relationship halal (like for example going out holding hands and talking and allowed to see her with out her scraf) i think also referrers to as sigha by some people. where your not allowed to have sexual relationship until full nikkha. please ex-plane to me more in detail with references thanks

or sigha of nikkah different?

and full halal is when you do the full nikkah with dowary and feast and your husband and wife.
Answer: wasalaam
Fixed-Term/Temporary Marriage are different names for the Arabic word of "Mut'a" which is a contract between a man and woman, much in the same way the Long-Term/Permanent/Conventional Marriage is.

The main difference is that the temporary marriage longs only for a specified period of time and can have specific conditions like as those mentioned in your question, and man and woman will become stranger to each other after the expiration date without divorce.

One misconception regarding temporary marriage is that some people think that the woman engaged in temporary marriage can have contract every other hour. This is completely misrepresentation of temporary marriage. After such contract has been expired, the woman has to wait for two months (Iddah) before which she can not marry any one else.

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