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Question : #660 Category: Taqleed
Subject: Resolving marajid taqleed
Question: Salam
I follow the taqleed of the late Ayatollah Fadullallah (may Allah bless his soul). However, I've been forwarded controversial articles regarding His Eminence. As a person without knowledge, I am unable to verify whether these are true or not. I am at a loss now as to whether I should be following another marajah. Could your office tell me, who is the most knowledgeable of our ulama that we all should do our taqleed to? Why isn't there a committee set up by the marajahs to reconcile differences of opinions among themselves? For example, I have a cat and it is easier for me to follow Ayatollah Sistani than Ayatollah Khamenei (may Allah bless them both). But I would not like my following to be base on that issue. Please tell me among the ulamas and alims, whom have they decided to be the most knowledgeable amongst the marajahs? I would like to know the answer asap so that I can make a decision in this matter of taqleed. I thank you.
Answer: Salaam Alaykum,

Just to mention that this isn't a Marja office but scholars who follow different Taqleeds.

In regards to speculations about the late Ayatollah Fadullah, as the Holy Quran mentions we need to verify accusations either through witnesses or track record otherwise don't allow it to affect you.

In terms to which Marja to follow, its up to the believer in their ability to research these individuals and their fatwas.

I cannot say this Marja is better than this one, as Imam Mahdi (atfg) relates that during his minor occulation people were told to seek answers to their jurisprudence questions through Alims which at times gave different response, still aligned with the Sharia.

From this we can determine the difference of opinions within the Marja and we should consider which Taqleed would meet our spiritual needs.

With Dua.

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