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Question : #601 Category: Major Sins
Subject: major issue please help
Question: assalamun alaikum
janab mera sawaal ye hai ki mujhse ek bahut bada gunah ho gaya hai maine shehwat me aakar apne past me kai baar zina kiya wo bhi ek hind ladki ke saath jisme ek baar usko hamal reh gaya jo kareeb 30-45 days ka tha use maine dawa khile ke haml sakit (girwa)diya ab maine apne gunah se toba bhi kar li hai lekin main pareshaan hun ki jo haml maine sakit kiya hai uska kaffara kya hoga aur mujhe kaise ada karna padega .
please aap juld se juld meri rehnumayi karen main bahut pareshaan hun.
wassalam khuda hafiz.
(assalam, my question is that i did a major sin sexual intercourse (zina) with a hindu girl for many times so cause of this she became pregnent since 30-45 days so i give her abortion pills to abort the pregnency and she took pills now she is not pregnent . my problem is that i want to know what will be kaffara for this sin. and how i have to perform or do this kaffara . please guide me soon as soon. thanking you , wassalam
Answer: Salam Alaykum

first of all man should not tell his bad actions to other at all. These actions must stay between ourselves and Allah (s.w.t).
Zina has no kaffara it only has punishment (verse 2, Chapter Noor, Holy Quran), thus the only thing to do is tawba and do not tell this action to anyone.
Regarding Abortion, there is no kafara because the rooh has not entered the body of the baby yet. Like Zina must do tawba and not to inform anyone else about this action.

With Prayers
Follow Up
Question about this statement: "30-45 days so i give her abortion pills to abort the pregnency and she took pills now she is not pregnent . "

Abortion pills in Australia only work if with in the first 72 hours so I am concerned about the health of the girl in this case too... strongly suggest she sees doctor if ont already done, unless this is overseas or the abortion pil came from a specialist doctor...

My question though is, at what point in time does the ROOH enter the body of the baby if at 30days it has nt yet done so?

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