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Question : #555 Category: Dua / Supplications
Subject: Dua Acceptance
Question: salaam
I want to know , is there any way we can know or find out if our dua has been accepted ?
Answer: Alaykum Salaam,

The initial form of knowing your dua has been accepted is when it has materialised or taken effect; clearly to you.

However, at times one may feel nothing has materialsed as yet, so it's more the inner feeling and contentment that Allah (swt) never not responds to a sincere Dua.

Allah (swt) loves the patience ones, so Insha'Allah if the individual takes the necessary steps to increase their chances of the dua being accepted in the form they desire, then they may be blessed to see their supplication accepted.
However, Allah (swt) knows best, and sometimes our requests is not the best outcome, but Allah (swt) may materialise that in order to feel Allah's (swt) response.

So to summaries, the acceptance of the dua is based on the individual and their perception and faith (emman). There isn't a full proof signal to show if the dua has been accepted.

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