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Question : #554 Category: Social Interaction
Subject: friend with girl, allowed?
Question: is it a sin to be a girl and have a close friend who is a boy? we only talk by texts, but we talk a lot and every day. is this not allowed? if it is a sin, I would be prepared to never speak to him again for Allah. please let me know , Jazakallah
Answer: In these conditions, it's critical there is a reason behind why we are speaking with the opposite gender.

The Prophet (saw) has said, "O Abu Dharr! Do everything you do with a purpose and an intent (a niyyah), even sleeping and eating."

A female may speak with a non-Mahram given the conditions below:
i. Not for out of a desire to satisfy ones lustful pleasure.
ii. No chance of falling into haraam.
iii. Not with intention of enticing that man into doing something haraam.
iv. Not speak in a way that is arousing, for example making her voice thin and soft and inviting so that he desires her.
v. Not say things that are arousing.

Overall, for a woman to speak with a non-mahram man in conditions where the benefit does not outweigh the potential harm is makrooh.

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