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Question : #549 Category: Salaat / Prayers
Subject: saying salaam during namaz
Question: salam

if you are doing your daily prayer or obligatory namaz, and while you are doing it, a person walks into the house and says salam to you. because you are in your prayer, you cannot reply back to that person and you finish your prayer and then say salam. is this correct?
can you add things to your prayer and what things will and will not break your salah?

Answer: Alaykum Salaams.

There are 12 things that make prayers void, and they are called Mubtilat.

1. If any of the pre-requisites of prayers ceases to exist while one is in namaz.
2. If a person, intentionally or by mistake, or uncontrollably, commits an act which makes his Wudhu or Ghusl void.
3. If a person folds his hands as a mark of humility and reverence believing that it is ordained by Shariah.
4. Saying 'Amin' after Surah al-Hamd believing that it has been ordained by Shariah.
5. To turn away from Qibla without any excuse.
6. To talk, even by uttering a single word consisting of one, single letter which has a meaning or denotes something.
7. Is an intentional loud laugh.
8. If one intentionally weeps, silently or loudly, over some worldly matters.
9. Any act which changes the form of namaz like, clapping or jumping.
10. Eating or drinking.
11. Any doubt concerning the number of Rakats in those prayers which consist of two or three Rakats.
12. If a person omits or adds the Rukn (elemental parts) of the namaz.

However, it is necessary that the reply to Salam is given at once, irrespective of whether one is praying or not. And if, whether intentionally or due to forgetfulness, he delays reply to the Salam, so much that if he gives a reply after the delay, it may not be reckoned to be a reply to that Salam, then he should not reply if he is in namaz.

A person should reply to a Salam in a way that one who greets him can hear it.

So if a person in namaz does not respond to Salam, his prayers are in order, though he will have committed a sin.

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