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Question : #518 Category: Hajj & Umrah
Subject: our Hajj obligation
Question: Al Salamu Alaykom,

Many of us yearn to go to Hajj to complete our duty, and to also have a fresh start through having our sins removed by Allah, however sometimes it becomes difficult (I understand its not an excuse, but sometimes visa issues, health problems, or financial burdens come in the way), and unfortunately some people leave this world without going to hajj, and therefore their family members or friends go on behalf of them. Also a lot of elders and scholars say no matter what conflicts or barriers one may think they have, if Allah has invited them to His home, then they will end up going. Some people try every year and cannot go, and some people try once and mashAllah they end up going on the pilgrimage.

So my question is, if someone passes away without going to hajj, and someone goes on behalf of them after, what happens to that persons sins? Are they removed, or is it just that the duty has been completed? What if this person always had the intention on going but was not able to, and then someone goes on behalf of them? What happens to the sins in that case? It makes me ponder a lot because sometimes actually being able to go to hajj could be seen as a qisma, and at the same time our life span has been written for us, so could it be interpreted that some individuals do not have the qisma of going to hajj themselves, instead the duty is completed by someone going on behalf of them? And if that is the case, then would it be that person's qisma that their sins are not removed through the hajj pilgrimage?

InshAllah my curiosity for this topic does not portray me as questioning Allah's qisma for us or Allah's acceptance of our hajj, on the contrary InshAllah Allah knows my intention is purely for learning purposes. Also I apologize if this question is a bit long and confusing. I highly appreciate any input you may have.

Jazakum Allah Kheir & Thank you for your time.

Sister in Islam
Answer: Bismillah

Salaam alaikum sister. Inshallah this finds you well. There are many points that are touched on in your question. I'll try to cover the main points.
1. Hajj isn't the only means through which our sins are forgive. Also the purpose of Haj isn't to have our sins forgiven. That is the bare minimum benefit of Hajj. Rather Hajj is a great worship through which one can acquire the proximity of God.
2. Hajj isn't wajib on all. It's only wajib for those who are able both financially as well as physically. For those without financial ability, it would be highly recommended. It needs to be made up for the deceased only if it was wajib on them. Otherwise, it's not required although it is benificial.
3. If it becomes wajib to go, one has to make sure they start the process on time so they get to go. If one does that and due to unexpected complications they don't get to go, they have fulfilled their responsibility and there's no sin.
4. If one really wants to go for Hajj, they sincerely ask Allah for it, and do what's in their ability to go, Allah will make it possible.
5. It is true that Allah is the one who makes things happen and if He doesn't want it, it won't happen. However, this shouldn't be a justification for people to blame it on predestiny. Allah does what He wishes. However, He has told us He provides believers who practice with blessings which includes Hajj. So if we are believers and we practice, Allah will make it possible.
6. If Hajj is performed for on after their demise, it will have some effect but it won't be the same as the Hajj they would have performed themselves. If it had been wajib on the deceased, now that it's performed it will forgive them of the sin of not performing Hajj. But will God forgive them of all their sins? We hope so, but we can't know for sure in all cases, since there are many factors based on which Allah does things and we don't know them all.
Keep me in your prayers.

Fee amanillah

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