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Question : #513 Category: Death Issues
Subject: Can the dead see us?
Question: Can those who have passed away see us? I used to think they could and I would take encouragement from the fact that my grandma can see me. It motivated me to do what would have pleased her. And gave me comfort. But recently I found out that they can’t see us. Is that true?
Answer: Only with Allah's permission can the deceased hear us or see us for that matter.

According to the Holy Quran, Prophet Salih spoke to the dead of his nation after they were destroyed. See (7:77-79). Also see Prophet Shuaib's (7:91-93).

You should feel more motivated that your Grandma is with her Lord, as Imam Jafar Sadiq says "The souls of the believers will be in chambers in Paradise, eating of its food and drinking its drink, and visiting one another, saying, 'Oh Lord! Bring the Final Hour, so that you may fulfill what You promised us."

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