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Subject: marriage issue
Question: I have been married for 14 years and have 3 children. My husband has remarried a girl in Pakistan. but now he regrets it and says he did it out of anger. because he was angry with me.
he cant divorce because the girls family will kill him. what should we do?
Answer: The marriage as stated is assumed as Nikah (permanent marriage) and is valid, and his cause of marriage is not a reason to annul the marriage.

Only if the husband comes to know after Nikah that his wife had, at the time of Nikah, any one of the following six deficiencies, he can annul the marriage:

(i) Insanity, even if it is intermittent.
(ii) Leprosy
(iii) Leucoderma
(iv) Blindness
(v) Being crippled, even if it is not to the extent of immobility.
(vi) Presence of flesh or a bone in the woman's uterus, which may or may not obstruct sexual intercourse or pregnancy. And if the husband finds that the wife at the time of Nikah, suffered from 'Ifdha' - meaning that her urinary and menstrual tract have been one, or her menstrual passage and rectum have been one, he cannot annul the marriage. As an obligatory precaution, he will have to pronounce talaq if he wants to dissolve the marriage.

If both your husband and his second wife develop mutual aversion and hatred and the woman gives some property to the man so that he may divorce her, this divorce is called Mubarat.

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