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Question : #443 Category: Social Interaction
Subject: wokring in western society
Question: Is it permissible to work in a restaurant that serves pork and alcoholic beverages?
Answer: Serving alcoholic beverages to others is prohibited even if the one to whom they are served considers them lawful.

The permissibility of serving pork to someone who considers it lawful is not unlikely although selling it is without a doubt disallowed. And a Muslim hiring himself out for a forbidden task is rendered invalid and the taking of wages for this is prohibited. There is no objection to taking possession (of money) in return for work done as a means of rescuing it from someone whose wealth is not honored.
Follow Up
Does this ruling also apply to washing dishes and similar things there?
Follow Up Response
It is the same for washing dishes if they serve the purpose of drinking alcoholic beverages in them or serving them (the dishes) to the drinker.

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