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Question : #394 Category: Family Issues
Subject: specific questions
Question: Please answer these Sheikhs.

1. Why is Circumcision important in Islam? also Scientific importance?

2. Is Circumcision valid/Jayez if it is done by a Doctor and that too a NonMuslim Doctor?

3. If Allah has written our destiny,why has He created Heaven and Hell?

4. Is it compulsary to have intercourse with my wife on the Wedding Night and if I do not do it does my Walima becomes Invalid?

5. If my wife is changing clothes in front of me, is it a Sin to watch her?

I realise this is covering a lot of the categories, but generally it's related to my family life.
Answer: A1. Every Wajib act (Obligatory) in Islam is essential for human beings. Circumcision is compulsory for every male to avoid dangerous illnesses which can happen to him or his wife if he was circumcised. Modern medical researches have confirmed this fact, hence many non Muslims are now going through this procedure for health reasons.

A2.It is allowed to be done by Muslim or non Muslim as it is a surgery or medical operation.

A3. Our written destiny is not what we will do, but how we will be born and where and the details of our skin, eyes, body etc. None of these are included in our account in front of Allah. Our deeds, faith and behavior are chosen by us and never by destiny. Allah is The Most Merciful and He will never punish any one for something which was imposed on the person.

A4. Husband and wife are allowed to look at each other without cloth when ever they like or any one from them likes.

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