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Question : #246 Category: Marriage - Nikkah
Subject: why should we get married early?
Question: Why is it recommended for a male to get married earlier? and how should a male convey to his parents that he is ready for marriage even though they are imposing him to settle down first?
Answer: It is highly recommnede for male and female to get married earlier, because as we read in Hadeeth,it helps to be away from sinful thoughts and acts, and helps settlement of mind, and keeps eyes away from sinful looking.

There are many ways to convey to the parents the need for early marriage, which can include making respected persons speak to them, or writing to them or frankly but politely telling them. When some one feels endangered by sin if he remains unmarried, it might become obligatory on him to save himself or herself from sinning, by getting married as soon as possible.

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