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Question : #182 Category: Salaat / Prayers
Subject: reciting aloud during namaz
Question: Why in our fajr, maghrib and isha prayers do we recite aloud?
Can you please provide a contemporary answer, thanks
Answer: The three prayers stated should be recited out loud for males, however if you are afraid of disturbing someone due to the timing, location or similar then it's valid to recite quietly.

For sisters, they recite quietly, unless leading the prayer between women.
When leading the prayer between women, the voice shouldn't be raised so much that it could be heard by others/men.

There are many contemporary responses, one of which is to inform the surrounding area that prayer is being conducted and usually during the darkened sky so people are aware of your presence.
Follow Up
What is the ruling of a sister reciting salat in a low voice where she could hear herself and others near her too. Also what is the ruling of reciting salat out loud in all of the wajib salat?
Follow Up Response
As mentioned above, sisters can perform their prayers by reciting softly (to the extent that a non-mahram males isn't influenced by it).

If a one, male or female, wish to recite all wajibat aloud privately to better their reciting, then there isn't any issues with it.

All other circumstances are supplied above.

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