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Question : #169 Category: Death Issues
Subject: looking at the dead, allowed?
Question: Is it haraam to see the face of a dead person (namahram)? If so could you please explain the logic behind this. I personally think that their is never a chance of attraction from either side. The dead man/woman cannot see the one viewing the face; and the person viewing the face is only seeing for the purpose to get closer to allah. I belive that seeing the face helps a person have stronger emotions which allows reflection of oneself and imaginging oneself in that state; therefore leading to fear of allah swt. Please elaborate. Thank you
Answer: No, it is not haram to see the face of the deceased. It would be haram to view the parts of the body that when the deceased was alive one was not able to see.

Unfortunately there are sick individuals who take pleasure in the deceased.

But, thinking about death is positive. Imam Ali (a) advised his son, Imam Hasan (a) to increase his remembrance of death. It does have spiritual benefits in it.
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*Sigh* You have really hit the nail on the head!I reiezald how ungrateful and ever-ready-to-complain I am myself, as I wrote this post. Asma Bint Abi Bakr's [d8b1d8b6d989 d8a7d984d984d987 d8b9d986d987d8a7] husband and father couldn't bear to see her difficulty when they found out how hard she worked, as a result of the Prophet [d8b5d984d989 d8a7d984d984d987 d8b9d984d98ad987 d988d8b3d984d985] stopping to give her a lift, which brought the whole matter to light.This inevitably shows that she didn't complain even to her close mahrums about her hard routine.*Ashamed* May Allah grant us the same patience and taqwa, which was also amply present in the leader of the women of Jannah, Fatimah Bint Muhammad [d8b1d8b6d989 d8a7d984d984d987 d8b9d986d987d8a7].
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