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Subject: IthnaAshari perspective
Question: Letter for guidance

Salam ,

I need to question whether it is obligatory in IthnaAshari Islam for the son/ daughter of a criminal father to say Salam and live forcefully with their parent ?
Recently I have been involved in a case that I have lodged against my father . In brief , my father had Khula from my mother . They lived separately for many years. Around 5 years back I decided to stay with my elderly father . All was ok generally. After a year my second sister joined me , so we decided to start a business together . We had waqf money that we would receive every year. Our guardian would usually handle that and we never asked for it because were living relatively comfortably at home. When we thought of doing a business we realized we needed to invest cash . We wanted to deal in textile. We asked our guardian to give us our waqf . He refused. Then he decided to give us 3000 per month , where as we would receive 40 000 each yearly . We agreed for a year with that decision but told him that the next year we would require the total in one go as was entitled to us by the waqf. Next year Muharum came and he just flatly refused. We stopped talking to him or associating with him completely even though my sister and I and our guardian lived in the same apartment .

Then around 6 months into the year , we discovered that he had gotten in touch with some local sheikhs and they jointly with the neighbor told the maid to adulterate our food and drink with sleeping agents and nijis drugs to make us daft and dumb and lethargic. Also the maid started to put garlic and scrub weird potions to our locked bedroom door from the outside .
My sister and I shifted into one room for safety and would only eat packed food items and go out of our room only when the guardian was sleeping. Then one day the guardian got angry because the maid had a tiff with us in the kitchen . He told us we better respect the maid or he would get the guard to take our belongings out and lodge us into the drivers servants quarter downstairs and he would call the big Shiekh and tell them we are Shia kafirs .Then his brother and family intervened and we explained to them our point of view. They saw our fashion clothes and business investments and clothes articles we had collected and eventually it was decided we could have our waqf in full. We took our waqf but refused to mend ties with the guardian . That made the guardian very angry . Eventually on Friday 17 Rabiul Awal around 1:10 pm the father left the apartment , let assassins in to burn us alive . We called the fire department and the assassins left and we came out safe despite the fire . We then lodged a case against the father and his accomplices . Now I thought it was an easy judgement to pass and the criminals would face justice soon , but that is not the case.
The status of the father is like an idol . After all this the court says that even though the father may be kafir , the son/ daughter must say Salam to the father and even live with him . I can go in more detail ,but that is basically it. I argue that in IthnaAshari Islam let the father act like a human first then we can talk of Aq and Bir al Walidaan . I have asked for total disassociation from my guardian and taqseem al wiratha so I can live separately in peace . Instead the court has give me 1000 riyals monthly for living as in nafaqa food and clothing etc and 500 for lodging per month. In 500 riyals you cannot live in the same location I used to live in . It will be a cheaper district I'll have to move to and my living standard will fall drastically . 500 a month ? A decent printer comes for 500 riyals . I have said I want all that is sharian on my name to be given to me . The court can't see beyond nafaqa and Sakan and I have said how can a mujrim be paying for my well being , it is nijas on me to accept it . He should be in jail or a mental ward.
The court said bring me IthnaAshari literature that says you don't have to say Salam to a kafir parent .
I need that literature .
Many thanks ,
Miss Hussain
P.S I can send more detailed drafts of my reports I presented to court if required . This is a serious case and I need serious assistance and guidance .

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

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