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Question : #1239 Category: Miscellaneous
Subject: unknown items
Question: Asalamu alaikum
My husband had sent a box of things from one state to another through a transport service . Due to disturbance in the state , the things were brought back to the place from which it was being sent by the transport service and it has been more than one year since we went to claim things and got a box from there which on opening were not our belongings but were of somebody else we are trying to locate that particular person and the transport services but he is not answering any of the messages or calls and it has been more than a year . Our belongings are lost and we know we dont have any way to find them . And we are left with somebodys 2 boxes.
Today after more thn a year I opened up one of the boxes and it's filled with some items of woman student like hairstraightner . bangles . Hair clips , notes , hair pins. Hairbands . Purses. Decorative rings etc.

In this suituation . what should I do she hasn't responded . can I use these things for my own personal use And children in my family and or who likes it
Also some necklaces have image of hindu gods . Can i give them to any hindu acquintances.
There is small amount of money also . Can i give it to someone needy on roads.
I am away from home living in the diffrent state and in an apartment where i am not friends with anyone.

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

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