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Question : #1059 Category: Zakaat & Khums
Subject: Khums
Question: Salaams,
My husband and I are under the taqleed of Ayatullah Sistani.
We pay khums every eid-e-Zahra.
My husband has taken a loan of $xxxxx amount for his brother's education from a non muslim bank. He has to pay monthly installments + monthly interest.
His brother is still not financially able to repay the money hence my husband has to pay both the installments and interest.

1. Does he have to pay khums on the whole loan amount OR installment and/or interest?

2. Does he have to pay khums on any savings in his bank account as on Eid - e - Zahra?
(he pays rent, health insurance etc monthly)

3. do we have to pay khums on installments/interest if we've taken loan on motorbike and still paying it off?

5. all the salary etc is paid directly into bank account (no cash at home) so is the khums to be paid on
a). remaining savings after our expenses (rent, bills, grocery etc) or
b). on total earnings

if the answer is A, do we speculate forthcoming expenses, subtract that from our savings and then pay khums on the remainder?

6. Can I please have the contact of Ayatullah Sistani's representative in Australia (Canberra or Sydney)

Thank you in advance

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

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