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167 are we allowed tattoos? Are we allowed to get tattoos? if so can it be visible?
449 Is it haram to get a tattoo ?
477 comforting opposite gender without touching If I don't make skin contact with women, can I put my hand around her coat?
482 animated pornography Is watching animated p*rnography permissible?
517 interracial relationship enquiry Salaams,

I wanted help from you, someone is going out with a hindu, and she is in a deep relationship in such a way that she wants to change her cast. I would like you to guide me on how to bring her back on track.

She has totally changed, not respecting the family people, parents n does wat she likes.

Is it the boys influence?

Please help me with any amals or surahs I should recite in order to save her from doing this.

568 personal enquiry Salaam Alaykom.I feel so ashamed to write this but I really need some help. The thing is that lately I've been doubting about the existence of God. Not really about the existence but if islam really is the truth. I know islam is the truth and the most beautiful religion in the world but I cant help but having these thougts. There are some questions I would like to have some answers on.
1.The christians and the jews and the kafirs who didn't know that Islam was the right religon and they didn't have access to any information they go to heaven right? But they don't go to the same heaven as we muslims,and if God is so fair why doesn't He let them be in the same heaven as us ?
2.If God is supposed to love us then why is he going to punish us for our bad actions? And by punish I mean put us in hellfire which is described to be very hot?
3.I think it was a hadith that said that on judgement day one young person will say to Him "Why did you let me die at such a young age?" and Allah will reply that He couldn't bare to see the young person do any bad deeds and go to hell so He let him die before he did anything wrong and then another person will raise up and say "But why didn't you take my lige then?" So if God is supposed to again,be fair why did he just take one person? That isn't fair? I really,really hope from the bottom om my heart that you can answer me as soon as possible. Jazak'Allah khayr.
1038 love salaam i love a girl from my heart dont know if she love me or not is there any dua to get married to the girl i love or is there any dua to by which girl love me back
1037 love salaam i love a girl from my heart dont know if she love me or not is there any dua to get married to the girl i love or is there any dua to by which girl love me back
714 kafara on shaving beard Is it true if we shave beard then we have to give ‘Kafara’(penalty) equivalent to ‘blood-money’ according to this article on this link
1069 Is this permitteted to say TABARA on the killers of hazrat zahra (sa).
1070 Is this permitteted to say TABARA on the killers of hazrat zahra (sa).
677 advice Asalaam Alaikum,

I have wanted to become a better Muslim for some time now but it just isn’t happening. Every time I try to give up a sin and become a better person I find myself running back to that sin and the worst part is that I don’t even feel remorse after I’ve done it which really frustrates me because I really want have fear of Allah in my heart.

I’ve been researching a lot about Islam for a few months; even though I was born into a Muslim family I didn’t have a lot of religious knowledge about my deen because my family isn’t practicing. Doing my research about Islam I came across the concept of a ‘dead’/’diseased’ heart. I researched all the symptoms and I have come to the conclusion that my heart is in fact dead and I feel that Allah has placed a seal on my heart. What lead me to this conclusion is that reciting or reading Quran does not affect me in any way which is one of the symptoms of a dead heart. I really want a cure, what should I do?

I have prayed to Allah to make me steadfast in the deen, make my heart pure and don’t let the dunya be my biggest concern but I don’t feel the connection with Allah while I am praying. I sometimes cried to Allah to forgive my sins and help me but other times I make dua half heartedly. I also get doubt in my faith, when making dua thoughts in my head appear such as, ‘is Allah really there’. I know these thoughts are really bad and I feel ashamed but this is what I feel and I can’t help it.

I am concerned for my akhirah but it still doesn’t motivate me to do good. It’s like I know I’m going to go to jahanam but it doesn’t bother me. I am really all over the place and confused with my thoughts, one minute I do good the next I’m doing bad and it doesn’t bother me.

Recently I have been feeling really angry and frustrated with everyone. I don’t speak much to my friends nor do I make the effort to mix with people. I absolutely hate everything like going to school etc and people really seem to be getting on my nerves. I just wish I could be with Allah right now in Jannah and meet him because I am that fed up of life. I can’t wait till this temporary life is over so that the real life can begin but then I think I’m not even a good Muslim so what makes me think I am going to Jannah? Sometimes I even have doubt that I am a Muslim.
Any advice, please help. Jazakallah Khair
703 Practicing Islam Assalamu Alaikum,

I am from a muslim family. I was ignorant about Islam a year ago, but Alhamdulillah now studying about Islam and trying to follow it at my level best. I am now dressing up the Islamic way, i am growing beard, wearing pants higher than my TAKHNU and so on. I am also spending a healthy time of my day studying Islam. The problem is my father thinks i am being obsessive about Islam. He thinks it is too early(22 years of age)for me to keep beard. For this, i wont get any job. He fears that the secular police of our county will arrest me accusing of being a terrorist(As beard is a sign of terrorism in our country. He also thinks studying Islam will hamper my normal academic study. He says I have to obey my Father and it is fard for me to do so. He is telling me to cut the beard and spend a very little time in studying Islam and concentrate more on my academic one. He suggests that after getting a job and getting married, i can carry on the study and keep beard.

Now what will i do? will i cut my beard and stop studying about Islam to follow my Father as it is fard for me? Is it allowed to leave any other fard or wajib to follow another fard? Please clarify. I am in severe mental pressure.

Jazakallah Khair
701 Help/advice Assalamalukum

Hope all is well. I am 16 and living in Australia. I am doing this certificate course and in it there are 10+ girls dressed in non-Islamic fashion and unfortunately I am the only boy. The major part of this course involves one on one face to face conversation, group meetings etc.It’s every hard to control nafs for 6 hours straight every Wednesday.
I pray namaz –e- shab,hadise kisa,dua ahad for protection but it just too hard to keep away from the whispers. Because I am surrounded my sins where ever I look, it’s just too hard. I want to make aba-abdilllah proud, because I know this faith/religion has got to me with countless sacrifices and difficulties.
Please gather opions of as many alims/sheikh as you can.ADRIKNE!

763 Talking to namahram Assalamualaykum

Hope your fine.

Can I talk to namahram when at school or work? (Just as friends ,involving no physical contact)

This is having conversation in general about study,work,sport,life,family,advice/help,religion etc.

Please help!
769 Abuse Salam

My parents physically and emotionally abuse us and I know in Islam it says respect them because they gave birth to me and raised me but I'd rather be dead than alive. I know your going to quote from the quran on parents. But I want to know how can god accept this and allow it. I cant believe in god because of the what some parents are doing to their child and my mum makes me disbelief because she continues to put me down and abuse me everyday. I have got an anxiety disorder because of this.

I think that my family need therapy, how is that wrong or dishonor this will make them better people. When they abuse my younger siblings you have no idea how guilty I feel and angry because I can ask for help and angry because god is making us suffer. We've been abused for as long as I remember . I need help with my anxiety, therapy that is the only way I can cope.

Did you know that children who are abused grow up to abuse others around them so it that what god wants a worlds full of angry and abusive people?? How is Islam a religion of peace??

The prophet only said respect your parent's because he was not abused by them and he doesn't what its like, god gave him everything lots of women, sex with slaves, money , power, and he has help always and support he was never alone like me and people going through similar stuff.

The Noble Qur'an - 3:126
And if you punish (your enemy, O you believers in the Oneness of Allâh), then punish them with the like of that with which you were afflicted. But if you endure patiently, verily, it is better for As-Sâbirin (the patient ones, etc.).

The retribution for abuse should not exceed the original abuse.

Hadith - Sahih Muslim
"If two people abuse each other, the fault lies upon the one who began the abuse unless the wronged one transgresses."

I am really confused please help me because I can't pray knowing that got is the cause of my abuse and pain. I am really scared that I will grow up to be like that unless I seek help. I know it from non Islamic people but atleast they are doing something to protect their future generation which makes them better than most Muslim.

Sorry for the long questions but I really need help.

I came to your site for the first time and came across your Nasheed section and thought I would take a listen.
Little did I know that I would have music and filthy lyrics filling my ears.
You describe outlandish as 'devout and religious' and then proceed to have an entire list of tracks from them on your site ready for download. What exactly are you trying to do? Like Islam is not seen as the bad guy already, you go and further grossly misrepresent it by advocating such filth?? I am completely disgusted. Even if the lyrics were peaceful and clean, it would still be wrong because Deen ul Islaam forbids the use of instruments! Muhammad peace be upon him said, "I have been sent to destroy musical instruments". Please, I beg you to Fear ALLAAH and take down this garbage. I would not be fulfilling my role as a a fellow ummati if I saw This wrong and did nothing to stop it. hate the crime and not the perpetrator, this is nothing personal between you and I, rather this is an attack on satan and his filthy ways. Don't let him beguile you.

And, even if this group is trying to do good through their music, who says that two wrongs make a right? The end and the means should be noble. And two wrongs don't make a right.
774 what to read for full health assalmwalaykum i want to know what can you read for to have good health all the time.

and you know surah falaq and surah nas if you read them 3 times in the morning and. night if you can explain what angles protect you from reading these surahs 3 times morning and night.

if you can get back to me

thank you
896 talking with guys asalamualikum...i am a student of 17 year old....i heard somewhere that during fast we cant speak and talk with the stranger it true...?
898 Internal Struggle Salam alaykum,

My name is Munir,21 years old,I live in Lagos,Nigeria..Firstly I would like to say a big Prayers for the cordinators of this website...

I have been having this feeling of regrets and internal struggle for almost a month now..When I watch islamic videos or listen to quran recitation I cry so much..I want to get very close to Allah but the environment I'm currently in is not helping..I have been thinking of migrating to an Islamic state but due to finance.I don't really care about leaving school and my programs here..I'm just not comfortable and I feel like just starting all over again..sometimes I feel depressed and lazy to do somethings...Pls advice me in respect to this

Salam alaykum

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