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99 Revenge on Imam Hussain Given the rules in place about taking revenge for the murder of your family member, was Mukhtar acts of taking revenge for the martyrdom of Imam Hussain halal or allowed under Islamic law?
227 mouring for Imam Hussain What is the philosophy of mourning for Imam Husain and his children?
423 tower of kufa who was thrown from the tower of kufa beforethe events of kerbala?
462 enquiry about Mujtahids My question is what are the ruling of the Mujtahids on:

Donating blood to non Muslims, on the day of Arbaeen (40th of Ashura)? In a non Muslim country? (Noting that the country in general is facing insufficiency of blood, and that such act would also spread good idea about Shia Muslims, and making the people here aware -somehow- about Imam Hussain (alaihi afdhalu assalat wa assalam).

Please give the fatwas of as many marjas as possible, we MAY organise such donation if it is permissible in Islam. please let us know as soon as possible.

PS. please try to answer this urgently so we can have time to spread the idea and get as much people as possible.
580 massacre in Medina Can you please explain the event of the massacre that Yazid's troops committed in Madina?

I am interested to know more about the background behind it.
1068 saf matam Salaams,

I would appreciate it if you could let inform me of the meaning of 'saf' matam and where did it originate from. How is it supposed to be done as over here people put their hands on their partners's shoulders while moving one foot forward and one foot backwards and at the same time going around in a circle.

Some youngsters object saying it is more like a dance.


805 Azadari Dear Sir,

What is the ruling of Ayatulla Sistani with regards to inflicting wounds on ones body and head during azadari since I have been dissuaded by some learned people from indulging in such acts as it projects the Shia in bad light with regard to hygine and that it is not supported by the Quran. Please remove my doubts.
953 shopping Salaams,
Is it permissible to do clothes or jewellery or household goods new items shopping during Muharram & Safar
959 Is it not shirk? How it allowed to wipe over your face, a glittering cloth wrapped over a pole of wood and to make knots of the cloth, in order to get your wishes fulfilled. From what I can understand from reading the message of holly Quran, it does not any make sense.
1046 Zanzir and qhama I want to know about zanzir and qhama is it right doin that in moharram instead of matam ... This question is from my childhood to my parents they dint give a reason so that I can understand .. And now my son is doing zanzir which I don't like please reply me so that I can give a reason and tell him
1049 Practice/ritual of wearing sha Salam alaikum wa RahmutAllah wa Barakatahu,

In my family (and across India) there had been a practice related to rituals of Muharram, in which of 7th or 11th of Muharram boys are made to wear shackles (hand, feet and neck) in remembrance of enslavement of Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen a.s. My parents had made me wear these since my childhood from 7th of Muharram to 20th of Safar i.e. Ar'baeen. Recently someone raised question against this ritual saying that Imam a.s. was forced to wear the shackles and it is illogical to wear them as part of Muharram rituals. I personally don't see anything wrong in wearing them and they remind me of Aseeran-e-Karbala a.s. But as this is matter of practice so I want to know opinion of a jurist that is this practice/ritual of wearing shackles in remembrance of enslavement of Imam Zain-ul-Abedeen a.s. after catastrophe of Karbala allowed or one should abstain from it.

Sayed Mohammad Faiz Haider Hussaini
1227 Muharram and Instruments Asalam-o-Alakom

Can we celebrate Muharram and Safer events with Instruments in Imam Bargah?

Reference Please
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