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184 11th Imam speaking Italian Is it true that our 11th Imam, Imam Hasan Askari could speak Italian as it's mentioned that his wife, Bibi Nagris was of Roman heritage.
199 Who is Ahmad al-Hassan? Who is Ahmad al-Hassan? They he is from Basra (Iraq) is claiming to be a "messenger" of Imam Mahdi (ATFS).

This is what we know so far:

-His name is Ahmad al-Hassan. His followers call him Imam Ahmad al-Hassan al-Yemeni.
-He is from Basra, Iraq.
-He is middle aged.
-No photos available.
-They put (AS) in front of his name.
-His followers think he is "a mahdi" before THE IMAM MAHDI (ATFS).
-They think he is Wasi of Rasool Allah .
-They say he is the al-Yemeni described in Shia books of hadith.
-And that Prophet (S) had told us about him (his name) in his last will, before passing away.
-They say this will of Rasool Allah can be found in Behar al-Anwar and many other Shia books.
-His followers say that Ayatullah Sistani and Ayatullah Shirazi (and one more scholar) has issued a fatwa against him (death sentence) so he has gone into hiding.

What's the believe behind this?
294 enquiry about Azadari Salam.
I have a question about matam (Azadari) and the manner our people are holding Muharram rituals.
297 philosophy of Azadari What is the philosophy of Azadari (mourning and lamentation) for Imam Husain?
502 Seeing the Imam in my dream I would like to know the meaning of the following.

if someone sees an imam in his dream, what is that supposed to mean?

One night I saw Imam Ali and Imam Hasan in my dream.

Thank you
562 Humans higher rank then Angels salam
can you please provide reasons if humans like prophets and imams can have ranks higher than angels?

thank you
1151 prophets taqleed Before the announcement of prophet mohammed (s.a.w.s) prophethood did he follow his own law that is Islam today or did he follow other prophet please send I Qur'an ayat so I could prove it?
1153 question Ky miyan bevi ak dosre ki zuban choos sakte
687 imams (a.s.) talk to allah swt who are imam's(a.s.) are they like the prophets or even better than them do they talk to Allah(S.W.T) like other prophets or not?
724 proper ediqueete Salaam Alaikum,

I wish to speak to the Infalliables (AS) to act as my intercessor. In doing so, how do I convey my utmost respect to them when asking for this special favour? Lastly, can I make a promise to them in exchange for their intercession? If so, what would you consider based only on your opinion to be a noble exchange for such a favour bestowed upon me?

Many thanks,

746 Hazrat Abbas AS Salaams I have done the taqleed of Agha Sistani may Allah give him a long life. A friend from Iran gave me a shabhi (picture ) of Hazrat Abbas AS and I put it up and have got a lot of objection from friends and family. My Question is what is Agha Sistani's view on this.
loads of Duas
802 Asking for intercession ASA,

What is the best and most favoured way of having my wishes answered. For example, should I recite a set number of Du'a for 40 consecutive nights (Du'a Ahad) and then make a niyaat (wishes) with the hopes my intercession will make a stronger impact?
891 judgement day is judgement day soon
996 about uais al qarnu Why uwais r.a. never met prophet muhammad? Was he one of the sahaba?
997 about uais al qarnu Why uwais r.a. never met prophet muhammad? Was he one of the sahaba?
998 about uais al qarnu Why uwais r.a. never met prophet muhammad? Was he one of the sahaba?
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