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120 naming my Islamic children Salam Sheikh,
Soon i will be having my first child, and we don't know yet if it will be male or female. My question is based on what criteria should we decide the child's name, is there hadith or ayah from the Holy Quran to assist with this.
275 When does a boy become adult? When does a boy become adult? In other words, when is he supposed to begin carrying out religious acts as obligatory duties?
278 when is a girl an adult? When is a girl considered adult from the viewpoint of Sharia?
And how is puberty confirmed for males?
303 what is the status of this child? A shia boy has had a relationship with a sunni girl, the girl has given birth and the boy has registered the child has his child. Both are not married. What is the status of the child? Is the boy obliged to marry the girl? the family of the girl have no issues with shia and sunni they just want the boy to marry the girl.
324 need advice Salam Sheikh,
My mother always compares me with my cousin's sister for everything. Now i started hating her.... i dont like to call her in fact i fee jealosy i know its sin in islam what should i do?

My mother also always scolds me in front my younger brother in law. it hurts me badly... what should i do? plz tell me any dua so that i dont lose my mind feel jealosy to my cousin
392 Islamic resources I am going to be looking after my grand daughter for the first few years probably till the baby is 6-7 years old. I was a very young mother when I had my own kids and regret a lot of things I did and did not do. May Allah forgive me and guide my kids. I would like to know of any lectures, books or internet sites that you can recommend to me to make sure my grandchild is brought up totally according to the Islamic way with the love of Ahlulbayt inshAllah. Please guide me.
394 specific questions Please answer these Sheikhs.

1. Why is Circumcision important in Islam? also Scientific importance?

2. Is Circumcision valid/Jayez if it is done by a Doctor and that too a NonMuslim Doctor?

3. If Allah has written our destiny,why has He created Heaven and Hell?

4. Is it compulsary to have intercourse with my wife on the Wedding Night and if I do not do it does my Walima becomes Invalid?

5. If my wife is changing clothes in front of me, is it a Sin to watch her?

I realise this is covering a lot of the categories, but generally it's related to my family life.
405 Corporal punishment in Islam Does Islam allow corporal punishment of children by parents (e.g. is a parent allowed to smack a child's behind if the child isn't listening or slap their disobedient child)? Are there limits (to the amount of pain inflicted) and if so, what are they? If it is allowed, is there an age limit of the child after which it isn't allowed? If not allowed, is there kaffarah for parents?
411 cursing our children Salaam. Is it permissible for a mother to yell and cuss at her children for no reason.
422 aggreement in choice of marriage question is that my sisters are not agreeing to my choice of marriage...I have known him for 17years...but they do not like him even though they have never met him...please can you tell me how I can get them to like him and agree to the parents have both passed there something I need to do or read...or maybe I can read something even without wudhu..please I am very upset
435 children obeying their parents What is the degree to which a child is obligated to obey the orders of his parents?
463 keeping a dog as a pet Would you be so kind as to explain the circumstances & the guidelines under which a momin would be able to keep a dog as a pet.

We live on a large parcel of land and with all the criminal activity these days we have entertained having a guard dog on the premises. It would always be outside and would never enter the living quarters.

Is there anyway to accomplish both, have a dog and still meet the Islamic directive.

Also, I understand a dog by the name of Tatmir will be allowed into heaven; if it is truly "Najis", why then the exception?

Thanks in advance for your response.

471 Tafsir of Holy Quran Salam A'Leikum
"...wean your child till age of two years..." (Holy Quran)
My daughter is just 2 years, but it looks like she will still be wanting breast milk still time to come. Is this ok? What is the ruling? How long can you breast feed till? Is there a limit?

Jazak Allah Khair for your time and effort.
501 lineage of Sayeds How does the status of Sayyed get passed down through marriage and birth?
536 family interaction with revert What is the limit and scope of interaction for a convert to Islam whose family are not Muslims – they may either be People of the Book or non-Believers?
What guidance would you offer them?
585 How to name a child? What is the recommended way by the infallible imams to name a baby?
592 Fathers permission for marriage If my father does not accept me - as his son - getting married, is the marriage still accepted by Allah?
604 Adopting a child Asalaam Alaikum. Is adoption of an orphan allowed in Islam? If yes, under what conditions? I am a Muslimah, 25 years old and unmarried. I always wanted to adopt a zateem from a Muslim country but was unsure if it's allowed.
625 No Children Asalamalikum to all,

I am a 26yr female got married 5 years back.During my first year of my marriage I became pregnant but my husband told to abort child so i did it because he said he dont have money to support and he should support also his parents at this time.After one year i became pregnant and I had spontaneous abortion again I became pregnant and again I had spontaneous abrotion this happened for all most 3-4 times.Now I am in my 5th year of my marriage.I really want children but my husband he is not at all showing interest in me and getting children and he is saying parents are everything for him and his brother.I had abortion again recently I was so depressed but even at this peak of time he visited his brother just to know how is doing.I dont know what to do further.I have been following all ways reading duas..fasting..etc.Please some one suggest me as female I am unable to understand what really my husband is ??

Need advice
Thank you all
Jazakallah khairan
648 Foster mother I have been facing a lot of problems through my foster mother. She has always been cursing me through bad words and disgracing me by making fun of me (many a times in front of many people). When i try to defend myself, my parents call it 'insolence'. Is she to be obeyed? is she, in any respect, equal to the status of my real mother (late)? What does Islam say about this?
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