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102 travelling and fasting During ramadhan, I am required to travel for work to interstate for 5 days. While traveling interstate is not a common thing at all in my type of work, am I required to fast those 5 days or not?
109 travelling and qasr prayers As part of my current job, i am required to travel regularly in the job. the question is am i still required to fast? However this said, i want to fast, and will i still be allowed to do Qasr prayers?
144 blood donation during fasting Can i give blood optionally during my fast?
332 diving occupation during Ramadan what is the ruling of Sayed Sistani and Sayed Khamenie for a person whose job is deep sea diving and has to dive everyday, what about his fasting in Ramdhan, will his fast be valid or void?
654 dua before breaking the fast what is the dua for breaking the fast? can you suggest a site or book so i can learn?
671 best days to fast which are the best days of the week to fast(optional)and what are the benefits?
jazak allah
678 fasting Does putting on kohl,perfume or deodorant break your fast?
679 fasting Is it permissible to put on facial creams (moisturising cream) while fasting?
706 concept of shabe baraat what is the concept of shabe baraat
707 fasting Assalamu alaikum
i wud like to know what is the concept of shab e baraat
719 Swallowing Mucus Is it permissible to swallow mucus, for example when we cough, mucus comes up to our throats and we sometimes swallow it by accident?
Jazakallah Khayr
722 imsak Salam
Are we still allowed to partake food and drink between the time of imsak and fajr prayer?

Thank you
723 penalty Salam
What is the penalty for not repaying one's missed fast (due to menstrual period) before the start of the new ramadhan? Can you give the $ amount and to which organisation can we give the money to?

Thank you.
Melbourne, Aus
727 qadha fasts assalam-o-alaikum
thanks for all the answers you provided & sorry for putting a lot of questions to you.i have few qs
1) if i have broken few rozas in the past & have not fasted for 1 whole ramzan in the past , & if i dont have the strength to keep 60 rozas & dont have money to pay for poor to feed ,i know then istighfar is enough for it?am i right & if yes ,is there any special istighfar recommended .
2) if i do istighfar ,is it the compensation for kafarrah only & i have to keep the qaza rozas or is it the compensation for both or it depends on my niyyat.
3) if i istighfar for my left rozas ,then can i keep mustahib rozas
4) would you please recommend some dua for getting job & would you please pray for me regarding it
739 date salam-alaykum
i like to know why do we break our fast with date? what is the reason for it?
737 Prayers get answered Asalamalikum

I am a female.It is said that Allah near to the person who fasts during ramadan and his/her prayers will be answered for sure(if allah wishes).I had abortion for almost 5-6 times and no children untill now after 6 years of marriage.Now during ramadan is thier any special prayer/dua special time where i can pray and ask for forgiveness in front of allah if i did something wrong(also to grant a child.It has been like going through hell all this years from my mother-in-law side(also my husband wants to give divorce).

Right from start of ramadan i have been reading Alhumdulillah all time prayers including tarawiih/tahajud but still i need some advice in the matter of children.

Jazak Allah khairan,

A sister
742 Qasr or wajib roza ? Assalam alaikum,
My father belongs to a town named amroha as well as my in laws and my husband, my husband was born in amroha. My father has an ancestral property in amroha which he has named for me and my brothers, my husband's father also has properties there,and my laws live there for almost half the year due to which we also keep going there often. During moharram I stay there for almost 25 days every year. I want to know if I should observe qasr or wajib roza and prayers? Please it would be very kind of you if you answer me soon because it's urgent.
776 Husbands permissn Salam aleikum

Does a wife need permission from husband to complete her make up fasts pending from Ramadan?

Is permission for fasting required for mustahab fasts?
778 Lipsyl Salam aleikum

Whilst fasting can we wear a mosturising cream lip syl on our lips for relief of chapped lips?
848 Fast again or not Salam

Hope all is good.I have a few questions about fasting.

In the past 3 years of my wajib fasting,I was involved in HARAM sexual acts (during the fast) Alhamdoillah now I've changed.

Do I have to fast all those days again?

Recently I have missed some fast unintentially,and don't remember what days and how many days were missed.What should I do?
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