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860 eating chicken salam alaikum, i live in kashmir, india. i want to confirm if McDonald's and KFCs chicken are halal or not...? can we eat at those places without inquiring about its being cooked by a muslim or non-muslim?

thankyou and duas
868 Where I can buy halal meat Assalam o Alaikum,

I have two questions. I live in Virginia and I am very confused that what kind of Halal meat I should buy. People from chicken from different stores who sell with machine cut but say it is halal. Some stores say that it is certified halal zabiha while chicken neck missing. There are some stores selling chicken with attached head saying that it is man slaughter. I heard that a man cannot slaughter huge amount of chickens. Please advise me that what kind of chicken and meat I should buy.

2. Most of the face creams have animal product (glycerin) which is not halal, Please advise me should I buy it or not.

I am follower of Grand Ayatollah Seyed Khamenei.

Jazak Allah
879 kfc chicken Assalam u alaikum
I m from India.I want to ask is kfc chicken halaal in Inindia.Majority of people here are hindus.
please guide..
901 Ramadan When does Ramadan begin?
920 An article about water Dear brothers there is an article in your web site about water molecules and zamzam, Masaru Emoto, in this article, it quotes that many of your comments are wrong, could you please check it, muslims don't lie.
958 Red Bull -Alcohol Assalaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barkathahu

This might sound a very old question..and much similar..

But still i don't know the answer .

My question - Is Red Bull Halal Or Haram ?

It has 0.5 % alcohol. I never had it in my life, but few Muslims acclaim it is halal and certified by Muslim community i want to know what is the truth behind it.

waiting for your response
1161 halal food assaala mulaikum. my question is, not muslim store other stores they selling chicken burger, beef burger fried chicken these kind of can I eat those?
1200 Non halal fish oil capsules Assalam alaikum!

Is it ok to consume the fish oil capsules that are not extracted from a scaled fish?

Best regards,

1259 Halal meat brands in Australia Aoa,

I would like to know that can we eat machine slaughtered meat (chicken or beef) which is certified halal by Australian Imam Councils like AFIC or ANIC etc? For example, Steggles' chicken products are certified halal by AFIC.

Is there any readily available list of brands/products that can help in this regard?

I'm a follower of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Husaini Sistani.

1294 Ingredient from sea plant Hi,

In some almond milk (plant based milk), there is this ingredient called Lithothamnion calcareum. It's from algae. I was wondering if this milk is permissible to drink or not?

Thanks in advance.
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