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198 Prophet Muhammad was uneducated? Assalamualaikum'

Why did Angel Jibreel forced Muhammad(SAW) to read, when he knew that he was uneducated? What was the moral/lesson behind this?

509 Islamic Library which is the first libraray of islamic history and where it is situated
519 Prophet How did the prophet become to be?
603 different ways of communication Please give all the ways in which Allah s.w.t communicated His message to different Prophets?
605 Youm al-Quds 1) Is it obligatory to participate in the Youm al-Quds demonstrations? If yes, is it wajib al kifaa'i or wajib al-'aini?

2) If someone has to travel in another country for participating in Youm al-Quds-demonstration, and has to break his wajib fast (of ramadan), what is the ruling for the fast of this day?

3) Is it obligatory to participate for someone, who has to travel into another city to take part in al-Quds-demonstration?
690 parsi ahl--e-kitab or not Are Parsi considered as ahl-e-kitab according to ayatollah sisitani (may god give him long life)
827 Battles of ahlul bayt AOA - Please answer some question of mine that were asked by children in imama bargha to me. Please answer me so i can increase mine and their knowledge. Thanks ...Questions:
930 Burial of Prophet (saw) Some one confused me about the events of the death of the Prophet. This was by saying that he could not be buried for more than 3 days as the sahabah (companions) were engaged in quarreling with each other, for getting power and they did not care about the dead body of Muhammad (pbuh). Is this true or wrong? Kindly explain me with some proof. Thanks
1079 http://muharramheritage.blogsp can i post articles on your site regarding Muharram rituals and Azadari in Indian sub continent?
1080 Request for approval Dear Editor
you will be happy to learn that i have started a blog titled ' Muharram Mirror'
with the objective of bringing to lime light of little facts of Azadari rituals in Indo PAk sub continet.
Kindly lend a helping hand by posting these articles on your portal
Thanks & regards
Dr. Mazhar Naqvi
1100 Salam Brother/Sister I have a question, insh'allah i hope you answer them :)

In Chapter 3 in the noble Quran, Who was Imran (As)? The Family of Imran (As)?

Hazrat Luqman (As) was he a prophet of Allah swt?

In congregation/jamaat prayers, What prayers as a congregation can we do and what can't we do?

Jazk'Allah Khairan :)
1102 islam when was khadija born?
1122 movies made on prophets. is it right to depict a movie on the life of a holy prophet?
1172 BIhar Al-Anwar Hi,

I was wondering if you may please let me know which Bihar Al-Anwar book you are referencing in the "4o hadiths of Ramadan?" Who is the publisher and what is the year of publication? Please reply back, thanks very much.

1187 World religion Salam, May I ask this question. Where did Islam starts? How can I prove that Islam exists before earth .
1236 Battle of Khaibar Salam respected, noble, precious, honest and brave friend
You are doing a great work. Keep it up. May, Allah fill your life with happiness. Ameen. Salute and respect for you
1237 Battle of Khaibar Salam, Respected friend, I respectfully want to ask one question -
Please tell about battle of Khaibar and Bani Nadir
1266 Birth Date Assalamalaikum wa rahmathullah wa barakatahu.

alhumdulillah u hv creadted a very nice and useful site. may Allah(swt) will reward you all here and hereafter.

i was going through the articals NO 7 Imam Hussain - Birth and Early Life, in this Imam Hussain Birthday mentioned as fifth Shaban, but it is third shaban.
May be Imam Hussain(as) is not sure 3rd or 5th.

Waiting for your reply.
Your Brother in Imaan
Ehsan Karmali
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