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121 repenting for zina In the past i had done a bad act, a had competed 'zina' or slept with a woman who isn't my wife.

I have repented over time, but what can i do to ensure God's forgiveness?
271 never forgivinning sin What is the name of that sin that Allah will never forgive us.
308 lost hope, how to feel better? Can you please help me, what one should do if in times of difficulties he has lost all hopes?
472 marriage issue Asslamo Alaikum
A colleague of mine is in foreign country he came back last time and found unknown phone numbers and messages in wife’s mobile, he asked her about these numbers and sms . he inquired her, asking what relation you have with that man whose numbers you have in your mobile she replied in negative that he is just her cousin and nothing else .then he(husband) left after completion his leave of three months.
After one year he came to know the truth from another person that his wife has illegal relations with a man who was calling her and sending her messages. He (husband)went back again and his wife herself told him everything accepting her mistake and told him that I was involved in a major sin he asked her why you did not tell me when I asked you regarding this matter, she told him(I was in darkness and ignorance and was doing the bad act in your absence I wronged my soul and cheated on you and children as well I have lost my faith by doing this heinous sin which is prohibited in Quran and sunnah.but I have cut all ties and forget my past by doing true toubah .i am offering prayers regularly and doing good deeds asking for forgiveness of Allah (swt) repenting in front of him. I do ask you to forgive me for the sake of Allah and his messenger(peace be upon him)and for the sake of children Allah have shown me the right way ,I will not leave it again and will never do this bad thing again I take an oath on the Quran that I will be doing good deeds turning to Allah and to you .but husband says that I cannot keep you with me in my future life because you done a major sin and did not protect your private parts in my absence you gave me a severe pain and destroy my honour . Question is , does he (husband)forgive her believing her and keep her as his wife or better to divorce her (unbelieving wife) please guide in the light of Quran and sunah jazak Allah khair
497 punishments relative to location? Being in a western country
do the punishment for committing adultery for misguided Muslim brothers apply.
I have been asked by a repenting brother whether he needs to admit his sin and then accept the lashes he must receive.
Also is it our duty to bare witness to such acts in order to insure that the sinner is punished even if they do not wish to repent
544 sex before marriage, please help I had sex with my wife before we contracted marriage? Is my marriage valid? What is my towards Allah?
583 sex outside of marriage I committed a big sin and had sex outside the marriage, and after that I am now not able to concentrate, everything gone upside down, and I am feeling so guilty about myself, only one thing is coming in my mind that I cannot live with this guilty anymore and want to finish myself.
601 major issue please help assalamun alaikum
janab mera sawaal ye hai ki mujhse ek bahut bada gunah ho gaya hai maine shehwat me aakar apne past me kai baar zina kiya wo bhi ek hind ladki ke saath jisme ek baar usko hamal reh gaya jo kareeb 30-45 days ka tha use maine dawa khile ke haml sakit (girwa)diya ab maine apne gunah se toba bhi kar li hai lekin main pareshaan hun ki jo haml maine sakit kiya hai uska kaffara kya hoga aur mujhe kaise ada karna padega .
please aap juld se juld meri rehnumayi karen main bahut pareshaan hun.
wassalam khuda hafiz.
(assalam, my question is that i did a major sin sexual intercourse (zina) with a hindu girl for many times so cause of this she became pregnent since 30-45 days so i give her abortion pills to abort the pregnency and she took pills now she is not pregnent . my problem is that i want to know what will be kaffara for this sin. and how i have to perform or do this kaffara . please guide me soon as soon. thanking you , wassalam
649 how to repent? I am in great trouble.I did a terrible sin and I know there is nothing i can do to erase it.A few days back i was dejected and in that state of despair I said i don't believe in ALLAH (NAUZUBILLAH). I don't know how these words came out of my mouth.I can't believe this and i have no power to face ALLAH ALMIGHTY now.Please help me if there is any way to repent on it.Am I out of ISLAM now?please help me.Thank you.
711 Is it possible to get unknown Recently in remote area one man gets huge power for getting unknown information in seven days, he pray “ ALLAH give me unknown/hidden information in seven days” and I know from Surah Al Ikhlas
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

Say: He is Allah, the One and Only!
Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
He begetteth not nor is He begotten.
And there is none like unto Him.

Is it possible to get unknown information in seven days?
718 Sins Aslaam Alaikum,
I know a Muslim man from work who wrongly touched his daughter but now he fully recognizes his mistake and is very, very sorry. The man vows it will never happen again. The mother and the daughter have truly forgiven him from their hearts. They live in America where it is very diffucult to raise a family well without both the mother and the father. They have 6 children and the whole family is willing to live together. Is there any way to make the husband and wife relationship Islamically legal once again? Please get back to us as soon as possible with a solution that allows the whole family to live together in a way that is legal in Islam. Aslaam Alaikum
825 Me and husband I have been married since April and I have made sin I have lied to my husband saying I am with my mum but I was actually either in London or with a peer but I don't have bad attentions I'm afraid of him because I feel if I admit this he will leave me we already had a fight coz I told him I smoked and he was about to leave also one day out of anger I called my ex fiancé but I feel bad about it I wi never make these mistakes again what shall I do I'm seeking repentance from Allah paak is that enough I also said to my husband I am sorry for the shameful acts which I done in the past but obviously not telling him but I know my intention for being sorry.
938 Chilrdren born by serrogate mo Assalam o Alaikum,

A married couple decided to have their children by a surrogate mother after 5 miscarriages and mother was unable to bore the child. Is this permissible to have those children. If the children were born, should a Muslim should give love and gifts to the children. Father is Shia and mother is Sunny.

Ya Ali Madad
1112 watching personal porno I'm working at forighn country and my wife lives in my home country, I'm sexchat with my wife, not going to watch porn movies but I recorded our sex video and watching it..

01. If I watch my wife video is it allow in islam??
02. sometime my wife fingering, if she became orgasm then should she bath before prayers??
03. If not allowed should I skip sex chat?? (but she is my wife)
1120 Attending a kaffir wedding Assamalaikum,

My name is Krishti and I am a young Muslim girl living in Sydney. One of my closest friends (a female of my age) was born into a Muslim family but neither she nor her family are practising Muslims (although they observe Islamic days such as Eid).

Recently she became engaged to a non-Muslim male and he will not convert to Islam. I realise it is haram for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim male.

My question is, if I attend her wedding, am I committing a sin? If I attend her wedding or other pre-wedding events, is that a way of me showing I am validating her sinful decision?

Am I allowed to attend her wedding and not participate in any haram activities such as dancing or drinking alcohol? Or is my mere attendance considered a sin?

Please provide me with some advice relating to this. If it is a sin, how would you recommend declining the invitation given we are long time friends?

I also wanted to know if Muslims are allowed to attend weddings of non believers if they refrain from haram activities (such as drinking)?

Your advice is appreciated.

1168 Intercourse I am Practicing muslim , i was with a girl and had no intention of intercourse ,when things got intimate i just put my tip of penis in and around her vagina but never tried to push it in. The idea that at any time i went inside her without me and her realising it makes me miserable. I repeat during all this i had no intention of intercourse not even for a second , because i knew what it meant , i stopped myself from going inside . Please tell me what to do , i am in a miserable situation and need urgent help .Does this count as Zina?. I can not live with this idea in my mind .I have been crying and begging God for forgiveness
1781 shirk slaam im not sure if i did shirk or act of kufr but theres this soothsayer website you ask a question and it gives you the answer but before it does it says you have to believe in it first saying it 3 times which i did i knew what i was doing so will allah forgive me for this major sin that i have done it was online on a website called peter answers i did not go to no fortune teller or soothsayer in real life so could you let me know what i can do to repent and will allah forgive me and will i go paradise thanks.
1782 adultery will allah forgive me for doing adultery with another man also me being a man too im not gay i dont have any feeling towards men im not in to that i just did it by mistake i knew what i was doing is wrong i regret doing it and never go back to that sin so will allah forgive me for that sin i have commited or will i burn in hell i really do want to go paradise but everyday in life i find it difficult to move on thinking about my major past sins and feeling as thou allah wont forgive me im scared to face allah and ask forgivness and repent due to being embarassed must be whisper of shaitaan but will i be forgiven thanks.
2151 sins forgiven How does sins been forgiven in Islam
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