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336 marriage relationship problem I hav been married for 1 year 3 months ....... still we dont have any relationship among us.. i think no one will have such a life like this .... i tried to be intimate but he avoids me ... if either of our parents know that we havt live togethereven for a single day they will be sad hurt badly.i dont want that to happen what should i do?
353 significance of the engagement ceremony What is the significance of the engagement ceremony? Boys and girls inter-mingle freely after the engagement (i.e. Mangni) ceremony. Is there any prescribed system in Islam, which will make this inter-action permissible?
377 looking with clean niyah Can I look at a girl whom I intend to marry in the future? I mean can I look at her body in order to see if she is suitable for me or not? There is a probabality that if I like her, I mighy marry her.
381 embracing temp marriage when in nikkah A Muslim man who is married to a Muslim woman migrated from his country. After a longthy stay in the West country, he wants to embark on temporary marriage with a woman from Ahlul Kitab just a few days after divorcing his Muslim wife.

Is this permissible for him, espeually when his Muslim wife is still in her waiting period (al idda)?
451 marriage issue I have been married for 14 years and have 3 children. My husband has remarried a girl in Pakistan. but now he regrets it and says he did it out of anger. because he was angry with me.
he cant divorce because the girls family will kill him. what should we do?
466 Engagement in Islam - is it real? I am in a dilemma. A very close sunni brother is getting engaged this summer and he is very happy. Now, my stance in this matter is different. I believe that there is no such thing as an "engagement" in Islam. Nikah is the marriage contract.. and that's what holds strongest for me.

Knowing this, I feel sad at seeing the brother committing a wrong.. and inviting further sin over the years till official marriage.On the other hand, I feel a soft happiness for the brother in knowing that Inshallah he will be getting married to the person who he speaks highly of, in a few years time if God so Wills.

The question lies in how should I be reacting towards this brother's joy? Should I congratulate him, knowing that by doing so I am encouraging him to engage in possible lust (which is haram)? I am not in a situation where I can avoid greeting him for this stepping stone in his life. Please advise.
493 istikhara for marriage Salam Alaikum,

I was wondering if one can perform "istikhara" before wanting to get married, in order to seek Allah's help in their decision, by asking whether they have a good future together.

So, is making an Istikhara valid for choosing your spouse?

JazakAllah Khair.
505 is this allowed? Is it allowed for a girl to marry her maternal grandmother's sister's son?
523 marriage question If a virgin married with the permission of the father but sexual intercourse did not take place can she marry after the divorce without the permission of the father?
529 Is our marriage valid I am in a secret marriage with a Sunni girl and recently read on your site that it is not permissible to marry a Sunni girl without her fathers permission. Is our marriage valid?
538 husband's obligations of the wife I would like to have more information regarding the depth and extent of a husband's obligations for maintenance and expenses of the wife.

Is it true that the husband should provide the same level of life (luxuries, maids, education) as the wife had before marriage? Does the answer differ from one scholar to another? Are there any hadith and/or rulings in this regard?
586 second marriage I need your opinion about second marriage.
If the first wife becomes much stressed if I get married again, am I still allowed to marry for the second time?
616 rishta Asalaamalaikum,
my parents had said yes to my cousins family, that i will marry him. i had not agreed at that point but parents and my brother thought it was best because there was nobody else for me.
I have spoken up many times after this saying i don't want to marry him, and i suggested a different cousin as they want me to marry in the family. I am not sure if i want to marry him either now.
Mum found out that there are taveez done on me and the guy from pakistan who they want me to marry. So i was told to do istikhara that showed bad signs, but they avoid that.
I feel it is best for me to speak up now rather than after married to him as i don't want to hurt anyone, but seems like I have.
What should i do i don't want to marry either of them and they will not consider a rishta out of the family.
Mum is also saying it will have a bad effect on my sister as she is married to his older brother. please help.
626 abandoned marriage Salam
A man and a woman enter into a temporary marriage contract but unfortunately the time period was not mentioned in the contract but had been verbally agreed upon prior. The marriage is now deemed to be permanent.

The man refused to go through the process of divorcing the wife, as his stand is that this marriage is temporary. The woman did not wish to consummate the marriage. The man abandoned her, without consummating the marriage and without giving her the dowry and have cut all contacts with her.

Please advise her on how she can annul this 'marriage' This situation happened 6 months ago.
639 shia/sunni marriage is it haram for a shia girl to marry a sunni guy?
646 Quran / Hadiths Salam A' leikum

Inshallah you and your family are well and living in the highest eeman.

I am having lot of problems in my marriage. I understand that Allah swt great pleseure is sought in marriage reconcilliation and sorting things out....

Please can you list the Quranic ayat and the rewayat hadiths from the Prophet (SAWAS)and the Holy Imams (As) on the ways recommendations of dealing with husband / wife problems/issues, all advise given ever. Or please provide a site / link that I can research myself.

Jazak Alah Kahair.
658 Love and marriage I am 17 years old and im shia. I have known this sunni guy for a long time now and we recently became very close friends. He eventually told me that he has feelings for me and that he would like to marry me. Our relationship is very serious and we love eachother alot. We plan on getting married. He is everything i have ever wished for in a man and i know that i will not be able to marry somebody other than him. But the fact that he is sunni might lead to my parents not allowing me to marry him. I dont want to marry anybody other than him but i dont want to displease my parents either ...what should i do?
670 engagement salam

my question regarding engagement is that what are the rules and producers of engagement? as far as i know the boy and his parents go over the girls house and propose and if the girl agrees then that's it they are still non mahramm to each other but a promise to get married which no other guy can propose to her again until that promise is broken. and is it just a promise or is there some sort of a ritual involved in it. for example sunnis do the faitha and i have heard this once that shia do sigha(muta) for their engagement and once the period is over they get married. any hadis or from the quran on that well help thank you
681 suitable date for nikkah salaam alaikum
I was told by a friend that reciting nikkan on the 15th of shaaban is not good.I was shocked to hear this since it is such a blessed month and date as well.
What do you have to say about this?
Thank you
683 Marriage Our Prophet SAW says that the namaz of a married person is worth more than that of a single person. But what if you are just not lucky enough to get married? Thats not your fault is it?
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