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1034 eyebrowe ARE Women allowed to reshape their waxing or threading or laser.
1035 eyebrowe ARE Women allowed to reshape their waxing or threading or laser.
1036 eyebrowe ARE Women allowed to reshape their waxing or threading or laser.
1052 Lineage Asalam, my mother is a syeda...she is a 'najab ul turfain...but my father was a non-syed!
Can I be attributed as a syed?
And if I cant..then y not...isnt bibi fatima tuz zahra s.a. my grandmother?
Am I not allowed to shake hands with her? Am i not mehram for her? Please please reply since this a major hindrance in my marriage ..
1057 Miscellaneous Asalamunalaikum my respected shiekhs, Am a shia student from Ghana and I need a full scholarship to study in Iran in both secular education and islamic studies.Do know of any charity organisation or scholarship organisation to help me??
1076 should i bath aslm
sometimes when i cough or has cold some urine comes out.should i bath everytime i want to do prayer.
1129 Profit/Interest on GPF Assalamu Alaikum,
My question is regarding General Provident Fund (GPF) of the Government of our country. As per government rules, a government servant has to pay compulsorily a certain portion (say 10%) of Basic salary to the GPF monthly.That is the Government deducts the money from monthly salary of the employee. The Government keeps account of deposit and informs the employee annually by giving a statement about the deposit of the year and also cumulative balance and imposes interest/ increment on the balance at a higher rate on annual basis. At the retirement stage of the employee, the government pays the total deposit amount including interest/increment accrued in the fund. The fund lies with the Government and the employee has nothing to do with it. However, an employee can take loan against his deposit in the fund by applying to the Government on certain circumstances on condition of repaying the loan with interest amount in several monthly installments. In GPF Rules the term increment is added for giving an ‘or’ to interest (like interest/increment).
So far I know, the Government does not invest the deducted amount anywhere and actually pays monthly the after- deduction amount as salary to the employees. At the retirement stage of the employee, the government pays the total amount of balance in the fund to the employee from its Annual Budget allocation.
Question No. 1.
I heard , some say that the interest/increment amount in GPF, given by the government is not Riba but it is a bonus to the employees. On the other hand, others say it is Riba and Haram. What is the correct decision regarding this, considering the above position of GPF?
Question No. 2.
The rate of contribution by employee has no upper limit. So some employees contribute more than the compulsorily required amount according to their solvency. Hence they get increased amount of profit/ interest for the deposit. If profit/ interest for GPF is not considered as Riba, is there any objection according to Islam for contributing in GPF more than the compulsory amount?
Ahmed Hussain
1147 Permission Salaam.
My husband said that wife needs permission from their husband to go out e.g. shopping, dinner with girl friends, family etc. Please confirm this. Thanks
1164 Social Interaction Question In the name of God,
Salamun alaykum Your Eminence office. I'm follower of Rahbar as muqaleed
I am Galih from Jakarta, Indonesia.
My job descriptioin is Planner for Aircraft rotation and assign duty schedule to Cockpit Crew in an Airlines.

If we sometimes just help them to fly to any destination that they want and after that sometimes they transfered me money to say thanks as gratuities. Eventhough it's part of my job duty to assign Schedule to Cockpit Crew. Is that kind of financial gift is illegal or ilicit?
Thanks and regards,
Galih Panuntun
1167 Semi permanent eyebrows Salam,
I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after the treatment my eye brows and eye lashes came back very thin,i just want to know is semipermanent eyebrow which would last for 1 to 2 years and not permanent halaal?
I lost my confidance i really want to have a fuller looking eyebrows as my eyebrows were very thick before the diagnoses of breast cancer,i would be very thankful for responding my message.
1184 Regarding abortion Assalamualaekum, my question is that I am pregnant ,it's beggining. I already have kids. My problem is my husband does not want to do a job . since tenyears of my maarraige he just wasted time.he only wants to do business and he enters and leaves in few days. He doing the same since.many years. He lies and gives stupd excuses and fools me. Dueto do this is since last year I am not feeling well.I am dealing with lot of tension and stress. I was also on medication. Some how I was trying to get out of it. But now again he started the same ,wasteing time. Now I am pregnant again , I was taking precautions but don't know how o conceived. I tod him to do some job and we will go for this child. As of now he is not doing anything and is least bothered about the issue. I am under a lot of stress please help me . just unable to understand what to do.
1189 Pregnancy Salam alaykoum..iampregnant is it ok in islam to buy things for the baby before i reach the seventh month..and what about in muharam aNd safar ok to buy coz not much time left for me
1196 riverted problem Assalam alikum
M girl 23 yr old riverted 2 yrs back. My family is non muslim they are totally against islam and they have no knowledge that i have riverted. They are planning for my marriage. I dont want to get marry to a non muslim guy. The time they wil get to knw about my religion they wil force me to leave the house. I am not independent girl. I have no job even can u plz give me some solution. My condition is very tensed
1206 Nawroz Salams,
A question about nawroz amaal please. When tahweel time is after Zohr (but before Magrib) in my country, should I do all the amaals (esp. the 4 rakaats namaz & fasting) on the same day or the next day?
1209 Lights at Maghrib! Assalam.O.Alaikum!
Brother, my question is a relatively simple one.
It is becoming a common practice that we rush to switch on all the lights as Maghrib approaches, my question is WHY?
What does switching lights on have to do with Maghrib in the eyes of Islam?
1228 Salwat Salam alaikum,

Could you please advise what the correct wording is for salawat. I have heard various renditions, but was recently sent a video in which the speaker says that we should not say "Allah humma suallay alaa Muhammad wa aalay Muhammad", but "Allah humma suallay alaa MUHAMMADDIN wa aalay Muhammad". Here is the video clip:

Looking forward to hearing from you, insha'Allah.
1221 Same-sex marriage The Australian government is expected to conduct a voluntary survey to seek the views of all citizens on whether Australian law should legalise same-sex marriage. Active participation from Muslims to oppose this in the survey will increase the number of "no" votes and is likely to influence the government's decision regarding this matter of public policy. As our political system is one of representative government, "no" votes in the majority will hinder the government from passing any such legislation.

Two main questions are:

Do Shia Muslim Australian citizens have a duty (moral and religious) to participate in this survey, albeit voluntary, in order to represent our Islamic principles in this matter of public policy? This public policy will influence the law, the societal norms and social morality, that we (and our future generations) will be living with.

When we have this chance to try influence the law to the extent that we can, will lack of participation be passive endorsement of a practice that is forbidden in Islam?

1233 Concentration in namaz Salaamun alaykum.
How does one increase concentration during namaz and stop getting other distracting thoughts. Does it increase with age? How to stop it.
Thank you.
1239 unknown items Asalamu alaikum
My husband had sent a box of things from one state to another through a transport service . Due to disturbance in the state , the things were brought back to the place from which it was being sent by the transport service and it has been more than one year since we went to claim things and got a box from there which on opening were not our belongings but were of somebody else we are trying to locate that particular person and the transport services but he is not answering any of the messages or calls and it has been more than a year . Our belongings are lost and we know we dont have any way to find them . And we are left with somebodys 2 boxes.
Today after more thn a year I opened up one of the boxes and it's filled with some items of woman student like hairstraightner . bangles . Hair clips , notes , hair pins. Hairbands . Purses. Decorative rings etc.

In this suituation . what should I do she hasn't responded . can I use these things for my own personal use And children in my family and or who likes it
Also some necklaces have image of hindu gods . Can i give them to any hindu acquintances.
There is small amount of money also . Can i give it to someone needy on roads.
I am away from home living in the diffrent state and in an apartment where i am not friends with anyone.
1245 Ethics How to achieve wisdom and is there any dua to gain wisdom
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