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652 to put music with islamic work my father listens to music i know it is a sin but he does not listens to me my question is my father makes me to put music and songs in empty cd and dvd is it wrong if I put Islamic noha, documents etc with the songs which my father tells me to put on empty cd and dvd is it wrong or right according to ayatollah sistani (may god give him long life)?
622 identifing baligh or not my son is 13 years and 9 months old there is 1 hair grown under his armpit which can be seen clearly even from distence is he Baligh according to ayatullah sistani?
629 painting pictures what are the teachings in Quran about drawing human beings as long as it doesnt promote any indecency?
632 Taking digital pictures Taking pictures of the family with a camera and then displaying them on the walls of our house, is it ok?
633 painting If painting a living being is prohibited, why no one says anything against the paintings of Karbala depicting the zuljinah and all the bibis mourning after Imam Hussain (a.s) was martyred.
What do you say about these kind of paintings?
636 dreams My close family members have been having dreams about me (numerous) that I am pregnant and/or they have seen me in there dream that I am holding a baby, which is mine.
647 Beard IS there any ruling for keeping a beard? if no, then can i have the so-called French beard?
642 gave promise Asalamalikum to all,

My friend is in need of money in future and she was presenting as if she is in urgent and no body is helping her.At this moment I promised her that I will help her and give money and i took the name of allah and said dont worry I will give you I will give you.Later after sometime I called my husband actually it is both my husbands money and my money which I want to give her but my husband said I need to think but I gave her promise in the name of Allah.Then I said to her My husband said he will think and will give money at the same time I asked her please excuse me I gave you promise int he name of Allah which I cannot fulfill.She said its OK and she is not talking to me.(by the way we both are girls)
From that time I came to my house I am really feeling like something in my heart I also prayed to allah and asked for forgiveness.but I still feel the same.Can someone please suggests me what to do.

Yours Sister
1154 music is music and singing bad?please authentic hadith to back it up....
666 Saying Rest in Peace Can we Muslims say 'Rest in Peace' on hearing the death of people like Steve Jobs?
669 Adal What are the rulings according to Fiqh for or how are we supposed to do Adal (Justice) in everything we do in everyday life? If we are in a situation where we have option to do one of the two things i.e Adal or Ehsaan, what are supposed to do?
672 halal / haram income? Asalam-o-alikum

I have 2 SETS of small connected questions about HALAL/HARAM income :

1a- A person obtains VISA of a non-Muslim foreign country(UK) by submitting FRAUDULENT and DECEPTIVE documents, in order to go to that foreign country to go live there and taking a job in a company on the basis of that same VISA to earn money in order to have a good life..

i) Obtaining such visa based on DECEPTION for betterment of one’s family is allowed in Islam ?
Ii) Will the income earned considered halal in sharia ?

[NOTE: the family cannot get visa in any other way except by submitting false / FRAUDULENT documents]

2a- Continuing on from question 1a, since the job was obtained using DECEPTIVE VISA and Documents, this person have taken away the job position which could’ve been given to another deserving rightful person. Has the human Right Of that rightful person is violated with respect to ‘Huqooq-ul-Ibad’ ?
[NOTE: the country is already facing huge un-employment issues AND the job in question is of ordinary nature]


This is a 2nd set of questions

1b- I am working in a big retail company who has stores all around the country, who sells CLOTHES, FOOD and FINANCE, the food includes Haram-Meat, Pork and Alcohol and, the Finance includes Loans and Credit Cards. I work in a Men’s clothing section offering assistant to customers in buying clothes. BUT the salary comes from the company (selling goods mentioned above) then will his income earned will be considered halal by sharia ?

[NOTE: the company sells CLOTHES, FOOD and FINANCE under the same building in almost every store]

2b- Continuing on from question 1b, that person, who mainly works in the MEN’S clothing section, SOMETIMES have to work at the TILL (CHECK-OUT COUNTER) to serve customers by packing the Haram- Meat, Pork and Alcohol in bags and taking money.

I) Has that person participated in selling HARAM goods according to sharia?
ii) and will his income earned will be considered halal by sharia, although his main job is assisting customers in buying MEN’S clothing?

Waiting for your reply

673 Free Will Vs. Destiny Salaam,

Could you kindly explain how it is that a Muslim can have free will but at the same time Allah swt has predetermined the outcome (Destiny)of the events in that persons life however small or big. In which case our will was not free as the outcome has already been determined by Allah and all our actions are a matter of destiny. Isn't there a contradiction here? i.e. if everything I do is a matter of destiny then where does the free will come in to play?

Jazkhala Khair

674 dance allowed in these cases IS DANCEING ALLOWED WITH OR WITHOUT MUSIC LIKE IN MARRIGES ETC in group?and without group can we dance
689 sun salam alaikom
can you please verify the hadith that says the sun will one day rise from the west. Although we have also heard that this relates to the rise of the holy Quran from the west, some people believe it is the actual sun. is this true, and if yes, does it occur prior to judgement day? any other info you may know.

thank you

692 Black Magic Asalamalikum

I would like to know if it is possible to jinn enter into human body and do unexpected things.Does the black magic affects the human being.Until now I am unable to find answer for this.

Jazal Allah
698 Beard In Islam! Salam
Why should Muslims have a beard?

Why did Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) have a beard?

Is it haram to completely clean shave your beard?

Fee Amanilah
704 Best deeds/acts As-Salāmu Alaykum
Hope all is fine.

What are some of the best deeds a muslim can do and Allah loves?

Fee amanilah
717 Shaving legs & arms Salam
Hope all is fine with you.
The most common question in sports is

Can us brothers in the school of Ahlulbayt shave their legs and arms?
But still wear a beard.

I know and appriciate that it is one of ALLAH's (salwat) countless blessings and should be thankful for it.
Does shaving this upset/disappoint our lord in any way?

741 Disposal of Islamic books Asalaam Alaikum. What is the proper way to dispose of Islamic books/texts? Like an old Qur'an or an old book of duas that is falling apart?
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