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725 qasr Assalam-o-alaikum
If I have to offer Qasr , then how will I perform it in regular jamaat. Is it alright if at the end of 2nd rakat I end my Salat with salam & remain seated in the remaining 2 rakkahs doing my taqeebaats.does doing this effect the prayer of other people offering there Salat in jamat
728 7 takbeers assalam-o-alaikum
i am trying to offer my prayers with 7 takbeers & am also trying to read 2 duas before takbeers .the duas are dua tawajjuh ( wajahto wajihal lazzi...) & ya muhsino qad atakal mussiyo......wanted to know whats the recommended way to read these duas :
1) should i read these 2 duas & then perform 7 takbeers
2) should i do 3 takbeers then read ya muhsino qad atakal mussiyo ,then 3 more takbeers & then dua tawajjuh ,then final takbeer
3) or, 6 takbeers first ,then these 2 duas ,than final takbeer
729 nawafils Assalam-o-alaikum
Which one are the most recommended in daily nawafils
733 Folding Non folding of hands 1.During one of the prayers, the Prophet was ordered to un-fold his hands to reveal the hypocrytes.

My question: Did the Prophet ever start folding his hands in the prayers? If not, who re-introduced the folding of the hands.

2. Sometimes when I am travelling, I visit Ahle Sunnat mosque for Friday prayers. Do I need to fold the hands to mantain the unity and discipline of the prayer.

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.

Iqbal Hussain
759 missed prayers Salam
If a person missed prayers during his days of ignorance, must he repay all these prayers FIRST before doing other prayers such as the Night prayers? Will his Night prayers carry any merit if he performed them even though he has not finished repaying his Obligatory prayers? I would appreciate it if you can quote some hadiths regarding this matter. Thank you
760 General questions Assalamualaykum
Hope all is fine brother.
I have a few questions,inshallah if you can answer them it will be great.

1.Why do sunnis and some shia look right and left after namaz?Is this the sunnah of rasulluah (sawa)?

2.What side of the khak (on which we prostrate)is best?The flat/plain side or with design.

3.Prostrating on a brick or cement allowed?

May Allah accept all our ibadat!
Fee Amanilah
765 Qaza prayers Assalamualaykum wa rahmattullah he waba rakatu

hope you and your family are doing well.

For the past 3 years I have done many haram acts,missed many namaz,disrespected parents/family,lied,stole etc.

But alhamdo illah,shukran illah now I have realised and reflected on myself.I feel I am stronger in my nafs now,than before!

I want to pray all my namaz again,fast again etc

What is your opinion?

See you in the hereafter!
Take care brother
Fee amanilah
777 Qatar prayers Salam aleikum

When traveling, what is better pray qatar (shortened prayer) at its specific (fadilla time) or to wait till home if it can be prayed in its time without being qadha but in full?

I thought it was to pray as soon as the time sets in to get the most reward even if it's shortened. Please answer thank you for your time
788 the moving finger on salat Why our brothers from ahlel sunnah uses , on the final of every salat, a "moving finger". I asked them before, but they don't know to reply. So, My friends, i really want to understand when, where and how. The cant provide me "logical" replies. This is a innovation?

salam wa alaikum
789 Acceptance of Prayers As Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmutullah Wa Barakatu,

I have been a Muslim for two years now and I have a hard time with the rules concerning foods. I recently had some Turkey Ham and did not research the company to see if it was halal. I was just told that if you consume haram meats that your prayers/supplications will not be answered for 40 days. I thought that only applied to alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. If I knew that my prayers/supplications wouldn't be answered for 40 days I would have definitely reconsidered eating that meat. My questions are:

1. Do I fall into the category of Ignorant?
2. Were my prayers/supplications not accepted?
3. Do I need to make up my prayers for the 40 days?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

Jazakallah Khair
799 namaz invalid or not If a person during salat unintentionally does not wait a little before going to ruku will the namaz be invalid because i heard it is wajib to do is it true?
800 wajib to wait or not After reciting al hamd and other sura and saying allahu akbar is it wajib to wait for few seconds before going to ruku, if we have not waited for a few seconds will the namaz be batil or not?
804 law applicable in jamat namaz As per islamic laws of ayatullah sistani this rule of 968. It is obligatory for a person to stand awhile before and after pronouncing Takbir, so as to ensure
that he has pronounced the Takbir while standing. is it only to be used in jamat namaz while joining in namaz with the imam or this rule is to be followed in furada namaz also?
plese explain me please
809 turning head during tasleem assalam-o-alaikum
i have few questions regarding the recommendations of slightly turning the face towards right /or left during tasleem while offering prayers ,
1) whats the right way to do it when you are an imam , when standing behind an imam or praying alone
2) is it done while saying tasleem or after finishing salat ( after 3 takbeers)
3) if its recommended to turn face during tasleem than should it be done while saying 3rd salaam only or is it like you look right on 2nd salaam & left on 3rd salaam
831 perform salaat if the boy having problem with his penis that when he go toilet and when he stand up after toilet he is not clean and it is regular .in that condition .how will he perform salaat
834 tajweed is it wajib to recite the arbic in wijib namaz with tajweed,will his namaz be void because he does not recite the arabic with tajweed?
843 joining fingers together Is it wajib that during niyat ,qiyam,while reciting sura al hamd ,ruku, sajdah, tashahud ,salam etc that our fingers should be join together if a person does not keep his fingers joined together will his salah be void?
869 Namaaz in Jamaat Salam

We are 4-5 shia youths, who offer namaaz in same place, but not in Jamaat. Can we perform Jamaat namaaz together, with one of the most learned among us acting as Imam ? Or jamaat can be offered only behind a maulana ? Please elaborate on the mater
870 sunnitti namaz ka sajda Salam alakku
Kiya sunniti namaz may sajda adha ooth kay baith saktay hain bajayee pura ooth kay baithanay kay?
871 Urgently Needed - Prostration Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim

Assalamu Alaikum. Hope all is good Inshaa Allah. My question is this: We are allowed to prostrate on anything that is natural like earth, stone, wood, straw mat, correct? Are we allowed to prostrate on a piece of bark from a tree? Can we prostrate on a leaf and piece of bark from a fruit bearing tree? If no, why?

Looking forward to your reply IA.
Khuda Hafiz,

Sister Kay.
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