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122 is urine najast? Is urine considered najasat?
Also is animal waste also considered najasat?
183 waking up with semen emitted Salaam,
If i wake up during Fajr prayer and i have semen emitted, and having a ghusal is not available, can i still conduct my prayers?

I had a dream that someone told me that only if you force emission (masturbate) then is your prayers void until ghusal is conducted.

What is the ruling behind this, is my Fajr prayer void as i did not conduct ghusal after waking up with semen emitted?

261 how to purify urine on cloths Assuming a drop of urine comes into contact with one’s body or clothes and thus najisates it, how may one purify one’s body/clothes in such cases?
263 alcohol face lotions I apply a lotion, prescribed by the doctor, onto my face. This lotion contains alcohol; the alcohol is mixed in solution with another medicine which, when combined together, is inedible. Is such a lotion deemed najis?
489 wudhu / urine namaz enquiry A person who after urinating performs ablution. He then performs prayer. Within his prayer he feels as though a fluid has come out of his penis, there is uncertainty as to the actual type of fluid.

What is the state of his prayers now? Is it invalid?
540 Washing cloths in non-Muslim places Can the clothes washed with liquid detergent in laundry facilities owned by a non-Muslim be considered tahir while knowing that Muslims as well as non-Muslims wash their clothes there?
665 How to use the high toilet (we In the name of Allah, most Gracious most Merciful and may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon his beloved messenger Muhammad (SAW)


We live in a world wherein which wherever you go it is only the high toilet that is available. Whether it be at the home of a relative, international airports, the musjid etc it is only the high toilet that is available. This is a topic that has caused me great confusion and doubt since there is no clear cut answer and everybody has their own opinion. Some are even embarrassed to ask this question let alone answer it fully.
'A'isha radi Allahu anha used to praise women of the Ansar in the following words, “How good were the women of the Ansar that they did not shy away from learning and understanding religious matters.” (Muslim)
Please note that this e-mail is sent only to get guidance and to be saved from the punishment of the grave. I am in no way trying to be vulgar, obscene or rude.

A few points that I have heard/ experienced about this topic:-
1. Before salaah, comes wudhu and before wudhu comes taharat (cleanliness). Therefore one cannot fulfil a proper salaah if the taharat is not proper.
2. I have heard people saying that the high toilet causes splashing
3. Ibn ‘Abbas related that the Messenger of God, upon him be God’s blessings and peace, passed by two graves and said: “They are being punished, but not for a great matter (on their part). One of them did not clean himself from urine, and the other used to spread slander.” (Tirmidhi)
4. One of the punishments in the grave is when we do not clean ourselves properly from urine as the above hadith suggests
5. A hafiz from the Darul Uloom did not use the high toilet at a relatives place – he chose to relieve himself at a later stage by keeping the urine in. (I am sure that this practice of keeping the urine in is unhealthy and uncomfortable especially if you have to perform salaah)
6. An elderly lady who had a foot problem continued to use the flat toilet even though it caused her pain. She was told that the high toilet causes splashing which is a punishment in the grave.
7. I was told to throw a lot of toilet paper into the toilet as this prevents splashing to a certain extent only

My questions:-
1. How do I use the high toilet in a detailed step by step guide – please include minor details like take your trouser off etc as this makes it a systematic procedure to follow
2. Some toilets get blocked when throwing too much toilet paper inside the toilet to prevent splashing – is it then sufficient to throw a small amount of toilet paper although this will not prevent splashing.
3. Should I wash my penis with my left hand or merely just pour water over the penis
4. After I have washed my backside with my left hand, is my left hand now dirty. Does this mean that I have to wash my left hand first before picking up my trouser?
5. When urinating using the high toilet, I am not sure if urine splashes back on me as I have a lot of hair on my thighs and might not feel any splashing. The only splashing that I do feel is when stool falls into the urine that is at the bottom of the toilet. Can splashing occur whilst urinating against the front inside part of the high toilet
6. There are times when I don’t even pray my salaah because I doubt if I am clean after using the toilet. How can I face my creator who is pure when I feel impure. There must be no doubt of any impurities when I stand before our creator.
7. What happens if urine splashes onto any part of the body – do I have to make a complete ghusl?
8. Can I still use the toilet without using water to clean and just use toilet paper? Will I still be clean and be able to pray salaah and read the quraan etc.

Kindly answer all my above questions because my brother, at some stage in your life you too will have to use the high toilet whilst travelling or other. Please note that your answer will be given to the generations to come because I will inform my children, friends and family. Thank you from saving me, my family and friends from a punishment in grave and I wish that you, your family and friends be also saved from the punishment of the grave.

May Allah reward you for your efforts and time

Your bother in Islam
708 to dry najis place It is rainy season in india and while raining the rain stops and a non muslim touches me, can I just dry the wet part which is touched by the non muslim and it will become pak or not?
734 Ghuslu Janabah Salam alaikum,

I have 9 Questions

1. It is said that an ablution is to be made when performing Ghuslu. Also it is said that uttering words in the bathroom/toilet not permissible. According to sunnah,

saying basmallah before ablution and saying tashahud supplications after it are highly part of wudui. If one is doing the taking the bath in bathroom, can he say the

basmallah and supplications little bit out loud or he or she should be said it by heart without ultering sound in order to conform with both the rulings stated above?

2. It is said that if one is performing ablution during Ghuslu and his bear hand mistakely touch the bare skin of his private part, then the ablution he made is

nullified and he should start everything (i.e. the Ghuslu) from the begining again. How true is this and which part of the sunnah says this?

3. Is there a niyyat to be said by heart for the performance of Ghuslu and wudui ?

4. Is it good for a Muslim faithful to own a social website (but for academic purpose) in which members can upload profile pictures. From this, we know, female members

who are not Muslims will upload pictures with hair open and other non-Islamic appearance. Will this cause any sin on the owner of the website? And if the website is

made to be single-sex (only for male or only for female), there are some liars on the internet that pretend to be famale though male or pretend to be male though

female in order to gain entrance into the circle and then cause mayhem. So the academic program works best with both sex present. Please advise.

5. When one is severely ill and cannot perform water wudui or tayammum, can he or she pray without ablution? Does is it apply also to one who is junub with same


6. If one takes a flight of 10 hours, must he pray in the airplane and how if he must pray? Is ablution a must and how will he make it if it is?

7. Must a student leave a lecture to pray when of cause he will miss lecture or it if he does?

8. Is it allowed to perform the tilawatul-Qur'an and ask Allah (SWT) to send the blessings which one will get from it as blessings to the deceased parent? And is it

allow to recite Qu'ran chapters as blessing for the deceased?

9. I have question about a matter but first I will need to narrate a short story so that you can best understand the question. I have been given the authority to

narrate it. The brother prefers privacy of name and identity.

A brother while so young used to have lots of imagination in most things. When he was so young (in primitive classes) he was socially friendly (not lonely) but anytime

he lies down (not sleeping) or just alone, he imagines things. He can imagine lots of things, like how to build a car, construct things and many more. He is creative.

Unfortunately, this imagination also extended to sexual thoughts. When he was growing up as a child, among so many areas his thoughts covers, he is most disturbed by

the sexual to the extent that he starts to masturbate. To cut the story short. When he grew much older he started acquiring Islamic knowledge and realized that

masturbation is haram and eventually he repented and stopped it, alhamdulillah. Now, it seems the masturbation had caused him weakness in one of the parasympathetic

muscles which controls the hold of ejaculation (he got this knowledge from a later research). The problem now is that, he ejaculates quickly (premature ejaculation).

Well this appears to be an health problem and this is not exactly the issue. The issue now is that the imagination grown to be constructive and positive but still with

little negativity. He does not masturbate and he controls this thinking almost immediately. But even for a fraction of seconds that the devilish whispering came or he

accidentally saw an emotional picture and averted it, a colorless liquid like urine may squirts out even if it does'nt make up a drop or does. The main one is whenever

he goes to excrete, a whitish liquid squirts out of the urine exit. Not as the real yellowish-white of sperm but white also which maybe coming from the surface of the

sperm storage or so. Well, from research, we learnt that there maybe a displace of the sperm to another area of the body (maybe) due to overflow or weakness of the

muscle. This is why the squirting is possible after he finishes urinating (colorless liquid) or the whitish liquied squirts out whenever he excerted little pressure on

muscle to force out excreta in toilet (with no lust).There are medicines which are cure to this but for now not attainable due to some factors. But he is trying to get


By having this whole background in mind. This is now the question.

Must he perform ghuslu janaba each time he goes for excretion and experienced such till the time he finally gets the cure (by Allah's leave)?

The reason for this question is that. He read it in a fiqh book that an ejaculation caused by lust necessitate a compulsory ghuslu janabah. If within a fraction of

seconds, the devilish whilspering or glimpse of emotional image which resulted to lust caused a displacement of the sperm (because of weak muscle) which then emanates

at later times (sometimes daily or days, weeks) during forcing excreta in toilet not result to same ruling? I have to add to this story that this brother lowers his

gaze and does not fornicate. He try as much as possible to leave a righteous life. However, in the kind of society we are, hardly would you not see such a dirty

picture in TV or on street. The work is on the believer to quickly avert. Within such a snapping small fractions of seconds before the quick avert, it may happen to

him. sorry for the long story but he prefers the judge to fully understand why there can be an ejaculation during excreting.

jazakumullah khair
755 how to remove najasat if there is semen on the bed how should a person remove the najasat from the bed?
764 Using toilet paper Assalaulaykum

Hope your doing well.

I need truly need your guidance,please help!

Can we use toilet paper to clean our backside?Living in a western world,this is only available everywhere.

If YES,can I do wudu and pray?
783 pak or not if not what to do If a jug has water in it and the water is najis if it falls the bed and the water dried later will the bed be considered to be pak if not how should we make it pak?
785 najis or not If a najis thing is washed by water once and there is no taste color or smell of the najasat will it be considered to be pure?
786 clean from najasat or not If a najis thing which has to be washed 3 times but within one wash the taste color and smell of the najasat goes away is it necessary to wash 2 more time?
845 najasat or not If I have a cut in my body and there is blood coming out the size of the blood is almost equal to the upper joint of the
Thumb or less, I know that it is not najis, but if a put water on it will it be najis?
846 najasat or not If I have a cut in my body and there is blood coming out the size of the blood is almost equal to the upper joint of the
954 reaciting quran surah Salaam, my question is can a women recite or read quran on tablet during her mansis periods as i have heard that we can read quran but can not touch it and through tablet you are not touching it you just go on web site and read it you dont have to flip page or can i recite those surahs that i memorizes .i am asking this because i am use to reading quran daily and when i dont read it during period i dont feel comfortable .please tell me you can reply on my email also.thanks
978 Kur Water Salamun Alaikum....I have been considering my Tap water in house as kurr water whole time without knowing quantity of water in tank while using. this was because i have heard from one aalim that tap water can be considered kurr.I started using without checking my tank size. However my tank size is more than kurr but is not filled full everytime. i have now doubts that many a times it may not be kurr. What is my responsibility today?because some items i have to consider najis as i had washed it considering water kurr? Can Qaeda e Farag be applied to it as every time there is chance that it may be kurr?
1074 kutta palna Assalam alaikum, janab waise to hame pata hai ki kutta haram janwar hai, lakin ye haram kyon hai ye nahi maloom? pahle ap isko bata dijiye?, doosara baat ye ki agar kutta ghar ke bahar pala jaye ya kisi ke khauf ki wajah se pala jaye kya jaye jayez hai?, ummid karta hoon ki jawab jald az jald ayega, john rizvi, india, wassalam
1127 Urine najasat If urine splashes from the front of the inside of the toilet bowl ( not from the water inside the toilet ) on to my thighs, are my thighs considered first mutanajjis or second mutanajjis ? Thank you.
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