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542 istihaza enquiry Eleven weeks ago I gave birth to a baby girl. However, since then I have been in a state of slight istihaza. when I read Sistani's Resalah I am under the impression that after the Nifas period and the 10 days Istihaza I would treat the blood to be Haiz if it fall during my Haiz habit (even if it does not bear signs of Haiz) and istihaza on other days.
However, I have also been informed that since I am breastfeeding and it does not bear the signs, all of it is istihaza. Can you clarify this for me?
563 is Hijab haram if not worn? Is it actually Haraam to not wear a Hijab?
577 Hijab when praying. Why do women have to cover when they pray, even if they are at home and no male is present?
588 please read If a woman has conceived a child before marriage and she marries the same man whose child she is conceiving what about the child?
715 Eyebrow Tattooing Salamul-Alaykum,
Inshallah you are all well and fine. I would like to genuinely thank you for taking your time to answer our questions. May Allah Almighty reward you with the best of this life and the hereafter.
My question is about cosmetic tattooing (also known as micropigmentation or semi-Permanent Makeup) which involves a permanent pigment being applied to the dermis of the skin of the eye-brow or other parts of the skin. This cosmetic treatment is normally done to simply help improve one's appearance and to define better ones eyebrows (because of little or poor 'natural' eyebrows)., If this is done for the intention of improving ones appearance in general (and not with the intention of attracting non-mahram men), is it still permissible in Islam?

If it's not permissible is it because water cannot reach the underlying skin during wudu or ghusul etc?

Thank you very much indeed for your help.

May Allah SWT bless you in every way,

Sister from Sydney
634 haez or istehaza i am 49yrs old by english calender i got menstural period after 4 months.i was getting haez after every 2 according to islamic calender i am already 50yrs old what should i consider this bllod as haez or istehaza?
664 haez salam
i took the haez shower and went and did my prayers then i realised that i had a little drop of blood does this means that my prayer didn't work and i have to take shower again?

may god bless you
702 purdah for need asalaamualaikum,me and my parents have migrated from a cold to a hot place,and i do purdah there also,but sometimes i get fainted due to surrounding temperatue,family forces me not to do purdah there,but i dont agree removing it at all,i also consulted doctor for this but she says that this will happen until you get adapted to this place,please tell me some worthful islamic and scientific tips to maintan purdah at that place even during hot summer,urgent matter
861 hijab wheather the women is allowed to do job such as engineering,if she is doing job just to help poor as she cant help poor people with her husband salary n
888 Im confused? is it haram to wear coloured lens, makeup and colour your hair with dye? to make your confidene and self esteem better to look good for yourself.... Jazakallah!
1084 ghusl Im an unmarried female and recently I was thinking about hugging a particular man I know. Later i noticed a small clear liquid on my underwear. Is ghusl necessary for this?? I note that Ayotallah Fadallah says the secretion from a female whilst aroused is NOT semen and thus ghusl is not necessary before prayers. But theres lots of confusion around this and some sheiks say otherwise. When exactly should a female do ghusl if she hasn't actually had any intercourse? Thanks in advance.
1143 Abusive Marital Relations In the Name of Allah
I have some questions about marital rights in
Islam. What are the
rights of a husband over his wife in a marriage?

Does a husband have the right to only allow his
wife to go to places that he consents to, wear
clothing that he approves of, and only associate
with people that he likes?

Does a man have the right to keep his wife from
going out, to not let her continue her education at
university, for example, or to work?

If a man gives a woman her dowry and they are
legally married (nikah),
must she surrender to her husband's sexual
requests in any case, unless she has a Sharia
excuse? For example, is her husband permitted to
take her into any hotel room he wants, even
though she is not comfortable with this
arrangement, and would prefer to wait until they
live together in their new home?

If this is all permitted, this would mean allowing for
the possibility of women to be in abusive
Control,possessiveness, overprotectiveness,
extreme jealousy, for a woman to feel that
she always has to please her husband at the
expense of her own self, and needs and requires
permission from her spouse to go somewhere are
not signs of love, but of abuse, and should not be
They are all signs of an abusive relationship.
1210 Period cycle Salam
I had ghusl from my monthly cycle on Tuesday midday. One week later I was bleeding again. I know I have to do istihadtha. When do I consider the bleeding my period again. How do I calculate the 10 day between one cycle to another?
1208 Morning after pill Is the " morning after pill" allowed if an accident has occurred?
1264 Payal wearing For a women is it forbidden to wear payal around feet
1274 Is making dua during period As'salaamu alyakum

Jazakuallah kyran for your time and efforts. Please tell me, is it permissible to make dua and do Whispered Prayers during my period?
1290 laytul Qadr & menstruation What are some of the Amaal's a women can perform during the night of Qadr if she is not fasting.
Also, do those amaal's recieve the same reward as someone who is perserving the fasting?
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