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Ali (AS) used to go to the market and stand in his usual place to say, 'Peace be upon you, O people of the market! Fear Allah in your oaths, for the oath degrades the commodity and drives away the blessing. The merchant is iniquitous except for he who takes and gives only what is right.?

Imam Hussain ibn Ali al-Shahid [as]
Ibid. no. 10043

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This collection consists of Zakir Khadem Shah's nawha / latmiyat for the trajic events of Karbala

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downloadChe Shavad

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downloadKarbala Darol Naeib Zeinab Ast

6.3 MB6:51 min
downloadMandeh am Tanha ya Hussain

6.5 MB7:04 min
downloadParcham Sorkh

5.1 MB5:36 min
downloadShabi Goftam ba sagi

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