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'Prophets and Messengers are of four classes: a prophet who imparts the tidings to his own self and does not extend to anyone else; a prophet who sees [the Unseen] in his sleep and hears sounds but does not see anything when awake, and he is not sent to anyone and he has a leader [Imam] over him, like how Prophet Abraham (AS) was to Prophet Lot (AS); a prophet who sees in his dream, and he hears and sees the angel, and he is sent to a group, be they small or large, like Prophet Jonah (AS). Allah said about Prophet Jonah (AS): We sent him to a [community of] hundred thousand or more, ? [He continued], 'or more' by thirty thousand, and he has an Imam over him too; and a prophet who sees in his sleep, hears the voice, sees while awake, and he himself is an Imam [leader] like the archprophets, and Prophet Abraham (AS) was a prophet and not an Imam [leader] until Allah said, I am making you the Imam of mankind.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
al-Kafi, v. 1, p. 174, no. 1

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This collection consists of Hussain Sibsorkhi's nawha / latmiyat for the trajic events of Karbala

DownloadNamePlaySize Length
download02 - Sibsorkhi (Hak Shode Be Roye Ghalbam)

1.1 MB4:58 min
download03 - Sibsorkhi (Aghamon Delbare o Sardare Eshghe)

0.6 MB2:34 min
download04 - Sibsorkhi (Vaghti To Yare Mani)

1.6 MB6:46 min
download06 - Sibsorkhi (Ya Hosein Gharibe Madar)

1.3 MB5:51 min
download07 - Sibsorkhi (Shabaye Eshgh o Asheghiye Shabaye Roze)

1.1 MB4:41 min
download11 - Sibsorkhi (Zekr To Shirine)

0.9 MB3:45 min
download12 - Sibsorkhi (Shod Zamane Bigharari)

2.5 MB10:54 min

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