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in his advice to Kumay l said, ?O Kumay l, you cannot ever be devoid of the bounties of Allah and the good health [given to you by Him], so do not remain without praising Him, exalting Him, glorifying Him, sanctifying Him, thanking Him and remembering Him in every situation.?

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]
Bashara al-Mustafa, p. 28

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This collection consists of Javed Moghadam nawha / latmiyat for the trajic events of Karbala

DownloadNamePlaySize Length
download03 - Moghadam (Roham Har Shab Mesle Zeynab)

1.3 MB5:40 min
download07 - Moghadam (Ye Omriye Nokaretam)

0.8 MB3:18 min
download08 - Moghadam (Saghiya Por Kon Saboyam)

0.9 MB3:55 min
download15 - Moghadam (Hosein Ey Ghebleh Ghahe Man)

1.9 MB8:08 min

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