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'When the verse: O you who have faith! ?Protect yourselves and your kin from the Fire was revealed, people asked, Messenger of Allah (SAWA)! How do we protect ourselves and our kin?' He replied, 'Do good deeds and remind your kin about them, and discipline them to obey Allah.'

Imam Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [as]
Da'a'im al-Islam, v. 1, p. 82

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Question : #815 Category: Key Events / Dates
Subject: Salaams quick pls
Question: salam !!!!
i need help very quick pls help!!
what is the email address of the person who comes on ahlul bayt tv on question and answers ???????
pls help now pls ASAP ASAP
allah shall surely reward you tasnu
pls help

Our Sheikh will respond to this question in the coming days Insha'Allah, check again soon

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